Your product’s packaging is crucial. It will grab the customer’s attention and entice them to buy your product. The perfect packaging option for cosmetics companies is custom tubes. Custom tubes are affordable and eco-friendly.

1. What is successful paper tube packaging?

A successful custom cardboard tube can help boost your brand and sell more products. Tube packs are a great way to package your products as they are eco-friendly, durable, and stylish. It also helps keep produce fresh and protected. This allows for custom branding, so it fits a crowded market.

Second, cardboard is also easy to store and transport and can be shipped directly to customers. Finally, cylinder tubes can be imprinted with graphics and logos that help create a strong branding image for the product.

For example, I have a friend who is a faucet manufacturer. His business is very successful, and I think it depends largely on his product packaging. While other manufacturers are still using plastic bags or paper boxes to package faucets, he has already used paper tube packaging to package faucets. He also printed his company logo on the customized paper tube. And this kind of packaging can also save more space on the shelf.

paper tube packaging

2. What do I need to do before custom paper tube packaging?

Determine the diameter of the tube by measuring the product and determining the approximate length. You may want to consider using multiple tubes per order or investing in tubes of different sizes depending on the size of your product. You should then select a supplier who can provide you with the appropriate size and quantity of tubing, preferably at a wholesale price.

3. 6 Cost-effective solutions for successfully customizing paper tubes

The following is the cost-effective solution for successfully customizing paper tubes.

1) Focus on the product

Most importantly, focus on the product itself. Provide your manufacturer with as many details about the product as possible. These details may include correct product dimensions, tubing thickness, paper type, tubing thickness, and other product-specific requirements.

For example, consumer electronics packaging requires special coatings to make it waterproof. Also, coated unbleached kraft (CUK) may outperform coated recycled paper for electronics packaging. In short, ensuring packaging protection is always a top priority.

2) Focus on brand positioning

Remember to consider the brand positioning you have already established when preparing to repackage. For example, if a brand wants to convey an organic product image, then natural brown kraft paper is the right choice. Also, create artwork designs that match your brand image. For fashion brands, boring graphic design can hinder rather than help marketing efforts.

3) Keep your target audience in mind

Gender distinctions are crucial, for example through ambiguous pronouns. For trendy eyelash packaging in cardboard tubes, a few cardboard tubes with die-cut windows are a great option. Display windows are more likely to pique the interest of female shoppers and entice them to make a purchase.

Also, make sure that cannabis packagings, such as vape packaging, mailer tubes, and CBD oil dropper bottles, is age-restricted. The primary consideration for marijuana packaging is child safety. A child-resistant cardboard tube packaging is essential.

4) Safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly

Cardboard tube packaging is an eco-conscious and biodegradable packaging solution. However, one point of concern may be safe when applied to food packaging. Let me conclude that paper tube food packaging must never use recycled post-consumer cardboard and cardboard materials.

paper tube packaging

5) Create seasonal product packaging

Last but not least, create a seasonal cardboard tube package. This might work for days like back to school, or holidays like Halloween, Easter, or Christmas.

Festive packaging may help attract new customers who prefer seasonal packaging as holiday decorations. Imagine that your products with seasonal packaging will be more likely to be snatched up by competitors when customers are shopping on the shelf, and your brand awareness will increase.

However, seasonal packaging doesn’t necessarily mean increased profits. On the contrary, the ROI (return on investment) may be much lower than expected due to the very short shelf life of seasonal packaging. Still, it may be worth the money and effort, as extended branding is also one of the hallmarks of a successful cylindrical cardboard package.

6) Build brand reputation

Refined and eco-friendly paper packaging helps reduce carbon footprint and helps build brand reputation.

4. What industries can paper tube packaging be used in?

The 12 industries that paper tube packaging can be applied are listed below.

1) Organic product packaging:

With just about every industry trying to incorporate more organic elements into their products, plastic packaging marketing seems like no match for the brand. Since the paper tube is mainly recycled paper, it is closely related to the company’s goals. They can be customized to meet product requirements and designed to represent your brand.

2) Hygienic product packaging:

Paper tubes are a common packaging option for hygiene brands. Since most hygiene products, such as menstrual cups, are designed for reuse, having them in a cardboard box is more helpful for your brand, as you can also reuse the tubes many times.

paper tube packaging

3) Food box:

Many food industries are turning to paper tube packaging because it helps represent their natural and organic food manufacturing processes. Edible items can be safely kept, stored, and transported in paper tubes. They can also be customized to get special layers to keep food fresh for longer.

4) Printed boxes for beauty products:

Cosmetics and beauty products often have attractive packaging. Due to the variety of product options available, each tube is available in different colors and designs to provide visual cues to customers.

5) Tea box:

Many tea brands are turning to paper tube packaging. It is reusable and can store products for a long time. For example, you could use a calming color for chamomile tea to represent its soothing properties.

6) Cannabis product packaging:

Cannabis products are something everyone wants to explore. If you want to attract customers to your new product line, you may also want to deliver them in unique packaging.

7) Packaging of children’s products:

If it is an item for children, it can be designed very whimsically, using two cylinders to play games.

8) Gift wrapping:

Irregularly shaped gifts are the most annoying. There is enough cushioning and padding inside the paper buffer tube which absorbs shock, allowing items to be transported safely.

9) Garment packaging:

The fastest way to wrap clothes is to roll them to avoid creases. A thicker fabric can, however, be easily unrolled. For the same reason, clothing brands are switching to paper tubes.

paper tube packaging

10) Cigarette packaging:

Some things seem to be stuck, like cigarettes. However, they fit effortlessly into paper tubes.

11) Candle packaging:

Perfect window packaging for better preservation.

12) Toy packaging:

Exquisite packaging can attract more children’s attention and brand recognition.

5. Several characteristics of environmentally friendly paper tubes

Environmentally friendly paper tubes mainly have the following 5 characteristics:

1) They can be easily broken down:

High-quality paper tubes made from natural materials such as recycled paper, cardboard, and wood fibers will break down over time. Organic raw materials also make them environmentally friendly and recyclable. They’re also light enough to be easily carried from place to place and can be transported safely to packed items without any damage. The durability of high-quality paper tubes makes them ideal for further use, whether as packaging or as industrial product material.

2) They are made for a specific purpose:

Paper tubes aren’t just for shipping fragile decorations. Many industries manufacture and sell paper tubes according to strict regulations, especially in the medical, food, photography, and scientific fields. The technical specifications of the paper tubes are determined according to the wishes of the customers. This is because the specialty equipment listed above is very expensive and cannot be repaired once damaged. Paper tubes used in the medical and food industries need to securely package edible items.

3) They are resistant to compression:

The paper tubes are made of multiple layers, making them thicker to avoid bending. If you want to strengthen the top and bottom layers, the thickness and retention of the paper tube are more challenging. Paper tubes can absorb shock and retain their shape, preventing damage to packaged items. The customer’s requirements were taken into account when manufacturing the tube as the innermost layer.

paper tube packaging

4) They have high technical specifications:

The biggest advantage of paper tubes is their customization options. You can ask the manufacturer to precisely design the paper tube to your standard dimensions to fit the item perfectly. You can also use your company name, logo, and color codes for memorable branding.

5) They serve multiple purposes:

High-quality tubing doesn’t go to waste the first time you use it. You can reuse them multiple times to ship your products and since they are recyclable and reusable, they can be easily upcycled for recycling. Your customers can also use them for a variety of purposes, such as storage and organization if you sell directly to them.

6. Conclusion

Fully custom paper tubes don’t just please your customers – they help the environment by being 100% recyclable, leaving no excess waste! Are you a start-up business that needs to wholesale large quantities of kraft tubes or other packaging products? Our team is at your service. Cooperate with us to help you produce your brand’s coveted tissue paper, tape, mailer bags, and more packaging using better materials in bulk.

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