Cannabis Cylinder Packaging Manufacturer from China

  • Utilize first class, eco-friendly raw material in the production of paper tube, also with environmental protection printing ink.

  • Be sure high quality of every single product before delivering to customers.

  • We offer logistics plans to make sure you save time and money, at the same time guarantee safe shipping.

  • We provide added value assembly process service in any way we can in our dust-free work shop.

Hopak Cannabis Cylinder Packaging

Hopak Cannabis Cylinder Packaging

Paper cardboard tube is the ideal packaging for vaping products, and CBD oils, which is a simple and convenient way to open and also protect your product very well. By understanding your needs, our engineer will give ideas about structure, and size, to make it more effective and functional.

Before placing a production order, the physical prototype will be shipped to you for review. Our advanced automatic production lines allow us to manufacture at the high and stable quality industry standard, resulting in a more reasonable price.

Cannabis Cylinder Packaging Examples

Cannabis Cylinder Packaging Examples
Cannabis Cylinder Packaging Examples
Cannabis Cylinder Packaging Examples
Cannabis Cylinder Packaging Examples
Cannabis Cylinder Packaging Examples
Cannabis Cylinder Packaging Examples
Cannabis Cylinder Packaging Examples
Cannabis Cylinder Packaging Examples
Cannabis Cylinder Packaging Examples
Cannabis Cylinder Packaging Examples
Cannabis Cylinder Packaging Examples

Customize Cannabis Packaging

Hopak provides a full range of paper tube packaging for cosmetics, food, wine, tea, gifts…

Hopak Cannabis Cylinder Packaging Features

Hopak Cannabis Cylinder Packaging Features

  • With hundreds of toolings in stock, you don’t need to pay extra for developing tools, from the smallest diameter of 1cm to the biggest diameter of 32cm.

  • We’ve got 5 automatic production lines, which keep stable high quality of products and high efficiency.

  • Only use eco-friendly, biodegradable, food-grade paper material, safe and meet the standard of environmental protection.

  • Customers will benefit from extensive custom product packaging options and services.

Hopak Paper Tube Package Specification

Step To Custom Cannabis Cylinder Packaging


By understanding your needs and requirements, our salesmen work with you to submit the appropriate packaging solution.

Structural engineering

Based on your items, capacity, our engineers transform ideas into the effective packaging solutions.

Artwork design

Before sending your artworks, we can offer the template files to finish your design.


Before placing a production order, to get a physical prototype is an important step to be sure of your packaging.


When you confirm the prototype and we receive the deposit, production runs at the highest industry standard, lead time is around 15 days to 20 days.


By sea or by air, CNF, door to door, ex-work, arranged the shipment by your agent, or we manage your deliveries? All depends on your decision.

Cannabis Cylinder Packaging Manufacturer FAQ

Our MOQ is normally 3000 pieces, which is more cost-effective, but we did a smaller quantity before.
Yes, we have price breaks, the unit price will be lower when the quantity is higher.
You have to confirm the final artwork, including the content, dimension, and the prototype, check the quality, details, give us some comments, so that we can make some adjustments.
1-piece tubes with metal lid, aluminum easy open end or wooden cap. 2-piece tubes where the cap fits on top of the base when the tube is closed. 3-piece tubes where the cap fits on top of the lip.
Before you have your prototype, you will have a die out for your own design if you need, which is supplied by us. We get your design file in AI/PDF/CDR to print, around 5-7 days it will be finished.
It depends on the production capacity, but normally we can adjust the schedule to fulfill your order.
White kraft paper : Manufactured in 100% pure pulp, environmental and non-toxic, recyclable, of high tenacity and intensity, high bursting strength index, widely used in winding paper tubes, common thickness is 120-300g. Brown kraft paper : brown color, of high tension, high tearing strength, common thickness is 120-300g. Black kraft paper : fine and smooth, strong and thick, of high folding strength, and high tension, common thickness is 120-300g. Art paper : Surface is very smooth and flat, of high whiteness and glossiness, the printing is three-dimensional, color is bright and very nice, widely used in wrapping tubes, common thick is 157g. Offset paper : Weak scalability, good smoothness and whiteness, tight quality, used in winding paper tube, but it occurs galling, quality is not as good as white kraft paper.
Cannabis Cylinder Packaging Manufacturer FAQ

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Custom Cannabis Packaging – An Ultimate Guide

Each state has its own packaging rules for hemp and CBD products. Manufacturers need support from experienced packaging suppliers in the hemp and CBD market. It has industry experience and can assist in creating optimal, compliant packaging.

To choose the right hemp or CBD packaging supplier for your products, take into consideration the following 6 key points.

Where the materials and packaging you buy come from directly impacts your business. This is because expensive shipping and international shipping challenges can result in lost sales and revenue. The origin of the source matters.

The hemp and CBD industry is new and forecasting demand is challenging. Therefore, you need a packaging supplier that can meet your needs quickly without excessive shipping costs. A low minimum order quantity is also important.

Likewise, you don’t have to worry about long delivery times for packages that have to travel long distances or pass customs to reach their destination. Shipping overseas can create a long list of issues and costs, leading to unnecessary delays and stress.

In other words, source your packaging from suppliers familiar with international shipping. If you source packaging from overseas, make sure your packaging supplier works with a dedicated international shipping partner and has submitted the necessary documents to the appropriate customs agency.

This is the main requirement for any box you display to promote your product and business in the market. If you use substandard materials in your CBD products, we assure you that your sales will be cut in half compared to your competitors. The reason is that CBD products are expensive, and if you don’t display them effectively, customers won’t notice buying them. Therefore, we recommend that CBD products only use corrugated paper, eco-friendly kraft paper, or card stock.

To win the market, your hemp or CBD product packaging must use custom printing and labeling that reflects your brand, stands out among the other companies for consumers, and meets all regulatory requirements.

Choose a packaging supplier with experience and expertise in the hemp and/or CBD industry. You should hire a company with expertise in packaging design, prototyping, and every step of customization and production.

Packaging suppliers in the hemp or CBD industry must be flexible and provide excellent customer service.

How long will it take you to receive your package? You need to work with suppliers with short turnaround times and short lead times.

For example, when you have to wait for shipments from overseas locations, your turnaround time and delivery time will be longer. As mentioned above, working with domestic suppliers can reduce delays.

In addition, labor delays and process/operation delays cannot avoid all the time. You should have a clear knowledge of the following issues. How many employees are responsible for setting up the packaging and putting the product in the package? How many different employees or teams of employees are involved in the design and production of packaging? Are parts of the process outsourced to third parties?

The more people are involved, the more complex the logistics, labor, and processes for creating, producing, and delivering packaging. Choose a supplier that simplifies everything to reduce the likelihood of problems, delays, and errors.

Cannabis culture is highly concerned about people and the planet, so it makes sense to deliver your products in sustainable packaging. This is especially true for single-use packaging that adds large amounts of waste to landfills and oceans.

Sustainable packaging doesn’t have to be very expensive, but it can help your brand stand out from consumers. If sustainability is important to your company, as it also applies to many consumers, choose a packaging supplier that offers affordable sustainable packaging options.

Don’t just take your supplier’s word for it, their packaging is sustainable. Do your homework and make sure it’s made from genuinely recycled materials that are renewable when properly recycled.

Packaging requirements for hemp and CBD products vary from state to state. It is essential to work with a packaging company that understands the laws that apply to your business and has systems that meet your requirements now and in the future.

The key is to ensure that packaging companies are flexible enough to change their processes and operations to be able to respond adequately when states change their hemp and CBD packaging laws. The reality is that these laws do change and will change in the future. Your packaging supplier must also be able to change.

Choosing the right packaging supplier for your hemp or CBD products is a critical decision that should not be made quickly. By talking to companies and validating their experience and expertise before signing any contracts, you can make an informed choice so that your packaging can be delivered when you need it without incurring additional costs that will reduce profit margins.

Product packaging is the most important thing you can do to increase your brand awareness. Most customers who buy your product will remember your brand by the look of your packaging. So if you want to find a good Cannabis or CBD Packaging supplier our article will be helpful!