Due to the thin ink layer for round cardboard tubes offset printing, it is easy to cause insufficient ink saturation. Lamination or varnishing can improve the surface glossiness of the item, enhance the brightness of the ink layer, at the same time, it provides an effective protection for cardboard tube packaging. The color of packaging will not fall off after post-press processing or due to friction during storage and transportation. The plastic film used for lamination is transparent, high gloss, and inexpensive. As the coated paper is difficult to recycle, which is non-degradable and easy to cause white pollution. Therefore, the regular instant coated film adhesive material will be replaced by high quality environmentally-friendly new adhesives.





It can not only enhance the surface brightness of the cardboard cylinder tubes and protect the printed graphics, but also does not affect the recycling of paper, which can save resources and protect the environment. Therefore, it is widely used in the surface
technology of packing tubes. The convex processing mainly uses
pressure to transfer the pattern to the surface of the material. The
embossing effect is produced by the embossing process, and the paper
drum/cardboard tube is more beautiful, the theme is more vivid, and
the touching is richer.



Hot stamping
In order to enhance the value added of products, in the fierce market competition, more effective packaging anti-counterfeiting, more and more hot stamping technology is applied to cardboard cylinder packaging industry. Heating and pressure are applied to anodized aluminum hot stamping foil to transfer patterns or text to the surface of the hot stamped material. The characteristics of hot stamping: the pattern is clear, beautiful, and the colors are diverse and dazzling. Hot stamping on the paperboard tubes play a role in beautifying the product that highlights the design theme. Recently, the rupture issue of paper milk powder tube was much concerned by many people. European pays much attention to environmental protection for milk powder, and aluminum foil would be winded in the packaging. Long distance transportation and high temperature pressure changes make the paper milk powder tube prone to be bursting. This is a common occurrence caused by external factors. Pay much attention to it and think about logistics complaints.