PET Plastic Pipe Packaging Case

This is a customer who saw our packaging products take the initiative to add Skype on Instagram at the beginning of 2020. He wanted to change the current packaging and asked for a quotation. At that time, we did not quote immediately but asked the customer if he could send the product, and we provided customized solutions for the customer.

1. Customized solution recommendation

Received the old packaging and product from the customer. The product is a feminine cleaning bottle that replaces toilet paper. The old packaging is a softbox, which does not show the characteristics and quality of the product. The customer requested that consumers see the nozzle and put the cloth bag and instructions inside. First of all, according to the customer’s bottle, find the right size, the diameter should not be too large, otherwise, the bottle will shake in the jar. Secondly, to show the characteristics of the finished product, a window can […]

Robert Gravette from the US

The cannabis industry has a sustainability problem. While activists have fought to get accessible products, there are still areas of concern in legal markets. One of the most alarming is the waste caused by the emerging industry. In Company Weeks’ 2019 industry report, they estimate that the waste created by the CBD and recreational/medical marijuana industry exceeds 1 million tons in North America alone.

The paper tube made from recycled materials is the perfect solution for marketing and protecting CBD oil or hemp oil tincture bottles. Hopak Packaging’s experience in manufacturing, environmentally conscious solutions, and sophisticated factory capabilities give clients in the CBD industry the ability to scale their production with confidence.

H2 Hopak Packaging Cardboard Tube

The cardboard tube by Hopak Packaging is an […]

Mark Arathoon From the US

Very professional, punctual, and easy to communicate. The time difference is usually the greatest concern, but with them it was no problem. Will continue to do business.

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