Have you ever looked for deodorant packaging in hard and eco-friendly materials? Do you want to find a long-term partner to help build your brand personality? We are a design, manufacture, and trading combination that has been supplying quality paper packaging boxes for over ten years.

1. The advantages of using deodorant oval paper tubes

The following are the advantages of using deodorant oval paper tubes.

Deodorant Oval Paper Tubes

1) Eye-catching

The beautiful and unique appearance will attract customers’ attention, and then affect customers’ purchase intention.

2) Enhance brand awareness

Make your brand the star of the show with our oval paper tubes! This eye-catching product is perfect for drawing attention to your message and increasing brand awareness. With its bright, colorful design, it’s sure to turn heads! Plus, it’s made of durable paper so it can be reused many times.

3) Gain a good reputation

If you’re looking for a unique and fun way to store and display your reputation, look no further than Get Good Reputation: Oval Paper Tubes! This fun and eye-catching piece is perfect for anyone looking to show off their reputation. They’re made of high-quality paper with a solid reputation: the oval paper tubes are durable and easy to use. It’s also a great way to show off your achievements and skills.

4) Improve sales performance and profit margin

If you’re looking to increase sales and profit margins, look no further than our oval paper tubes! Our tubes are the perfect way to package and promote your products, helping you stand out from the competition. With a variety of color and printing options, we can help you create unique tubing that fits your product. Best of all, our tubes are extremely affordable, making them an easy investment for any business.

5) Broaden the market

This innovative new paper tube is ideal for a variety of applications. Its unique oval shape makes it ideal for use in tight spaces, and its smooth finish ensures your products look great every time. You can use this paper tube for a variety of purposes as it is durable and reliable.

Deodorant Oval Paper Tubes

2. How many types of deodorant packaging can you provide?

The following are types of deodorant packaging we can provide.

1) Deodorant oval tube packaging

Our deodorant oval paper tubes offer new designs and concepts for old products. The oval shape allows more room for deodorant and is easier to grip. It also means the tubes produce less waste and are more environmentally friendly.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly way to package your products, oval paper tubes are the right choice for you. Made of kraft cardboard, these tubes are durable and can be recycled or composted. Plus, they’re affordable and easy to use.

2) Deodorant round tube packaging

You can package and protect your products with round paper tubes. They are strong, reliable, and can be customized to suit your needs. Whether you need small tubes for gift cards or large tubes for posters, we can create the perfect solution for you. Our round paper tubes are also an eco-friendly choice, made from recycled materials.

  • Material: 100% biodegradable kraft paper + cardboard + medical oil-proof lining
  • Size: 2.5oz
  • Applications: Deodorants, lip balms, sunscreens, anti-itch creams
  • How to use: Gently push into the bottom of the paper tube to distribute the paste, then swipe two to three times on each armpit/body area/lip.

Because this product is small in size and easy to carry, it is made of environmentally friendly paper and has no pollution after use.

3. The design of deodorant oval paper tubes

If there is a white oval balm carton. The outer paper of the oval paper tube is coated paper, and the overall appearance is mainly white, highlighting the simple style.

It is a white cardboard tube with a thickness of 0.8mm. In addition to the white EVA in the bottom box, the interior design is white and fresh, emphasizing the delicate nature of the product. White EVA allows balms to be filled inside the cylindrical bottom box.

The oval paper tube protects the product well due to white EVA. It protects the oval glass bottle from damage by its rigid tubular case and soft EVA, even during bumpy truck hauls.

The oval ribbon cover is stamped with the company logo. It’s a nice touch to the whole paper oval tube. You can also design other small items to decorate the box. Such as bows, ribbons, and advertising slogans.

Exquisite product packaging can arouse consumers’ interest, even make them make a purchase decision, and promote sales. A high-quality oval tube box can make a product look and feel high-end and fashionable, and increase the company’s profits, and thus it is widely used in the cosmetic packaging industry.

Deodorant Oval Paper Tubes

4. What is push-up oval paper tube lip balm?

The packaging is made of 100% cardboard. They are biodegradable, recyclable, and renewable, making them an excellent alternative to petroleum-based plastics. The cardboard tube comes with a fitting lid and a freely removable cardboard disc at the bottom, as well as an oil-resistant barrier, perfect for a lip balm or lotion stick.

Now available in plastic-free packaging, your favorite natural, effective deodorant. Our plastic-free deodorant is made from cardboard from responsibly managed forests.

Oval shapes are easier to hold and more ergonomic than square or round shapes. Therefore, packaging designers design many glass cosmetic perfume bottles or solid balms, antiperspirants, and lip balms into oval shapes. For example, in perfume, the oval carton also has an oval appearance, which can be matched with an oval perfume bottle as a high-end perfume bottle packaging box.

5. Why choose our packaging?

  • With years of packaging experience and professionalism.
  • A stable logistics channel.
  • High-quality environmental protection materials.
  • The lead time is short and fast with less than 10% pending.
  • Our packaging products are fully customizable.
  • Stable supply chain.
  • Our minimum order quantities are lower than our competitors.
  • We will follow some major social responsibility systems. (ISO9000/ISO26000)
  • We strictly follow FDA and EU standards.

We have been firmly committed to creating high-quality and diversified packaging. Backed by previously approved child-resistant packaging solutions, we develop additional boxes for your products.

New boxes are made from natural paper materials and plastic buttons to protect the environment. However, we still call for durability, equating protection of the environment, children, and contents inside. Therefore, a suitable plugin plays an important role in the internal product.

Deodorant Oval Paper Tubes

6. FAQs

There are some common questions about deodorant oval paper tubes.

1) Are deodorant oval paper tubes strong?

Round paper tubes are the new bestseller and everyone is using them! They are made of strong cardboard and can be used for many purposes. Some popular ideas include using them as party decorations, making gifts for weddings or other events, or even as craft supplies.

It adds a fun and unique touch to any event! Besides that, the environment plays an important role in our daily life and our packaging uses non-toxic raw materials.

2) What is the eco-friendliness of the material?

They have a lower carbon footprint than plastics. Paper tubes emit significantly less greenhouse gas than plastic tubes. In addition to being easy to recycle, they create no toxic waste like plastic. Therefore, the paper tubes do not end up in landfills or on the ocean floor.

New paper tubes can be made from recycled paper tubes. Additionally, they are lightweight, allowing more products to be transported using the same fuel. This further reduces its carbon footprint.

3) What are the most common applications of oval paper tubes?

Paper tubes are used in many industries. The food industry uses them extensively. These chemically stable paper tubes are lined with paper.

These liners are non-reactive when in contact with packaged food. Packaging protects food from contamination and keeps it fresh and safe to eat. Paper tubes are also being used more frequently by clothing manufacturers. Garments packaged in paper tubes provide customers with novelty and ease of unpacking.

Deodorant Oval Paper Tubes

7. Conclusion

These oval paper tubes are the perfect way to store and organize your items. Kraft cardboard construction makes them durable, while the natural color is sure to complement any decor. Available in a variety of sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect tube for your needs.

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