The cannabis industry has a sustainability problem. While activists have fought to get accessible products, there are still areas of concern in legal markets. One of the most alarming is the waste caused by the emerging industry. In Company Weeks’ 2019 industry report, they estimate that the waste created by the CBD and recreational/medical marijuana industry exceeds 1 million tons in North American alone.

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Guangzhou Hopak Packaging is CO, Ltd. is a full-service, professional manufacturing facility dedicated to sustainability and providing business owners with economical and environmentally friendly solutions. The cannabis industry is an emerging market made possible by new reforms across the globe. Hopak packaging’s cylindrical cardboard tube offers CBD companies a viable solution to creating a unique customer experience with biodegradable packaging.

The paper tube made from recycled materials is the perfect solution for marketing and protecting CBD oil or hemp oil tincture bottles. Hopak packaging’s experience in manufacturing, environmentally conscious solutions, and sophisticated factory capabilities give clients in the CBD industry the ability to scale their production with confidence.

H2 Hopak Packaging Cardboard Tube

H2 Hopak Packaging Cardboard Tube

The cardboard tube by Hopak Packaging is an elegantly designed biodegradable container made from 100% paper. Cannabis business owners can choose between multiple finishes, paper materials, and inserts to elevate their product in an eco-friendly package.

H3 Cardboard Vs. Plastic

Compared to plastic, cardboard is a much more sustainable packaging option. The cannabis industry can reduce the overall carbon footprint by utilizing more viable packaging solutions. Cardboard is sourced from trees, a renewable resource, and is recycled easier than plastics. According to, cardboard can be recycled on average five to seven times. Plastic can only be reused 2-3 times and requires more energy to be recycled.

A cardboard tube used to package CBD oil is biodegradable, meaning if it doesn’t make its way to a recycling center, it will break down naturally in a landfill. The molecules in plastic don’t break down naturally. Packaging made from plastics isn’t considered to be biodegradable.

In addition to paper tube packaging, Hopak uses other environmentally friendly materials to reduce the carbon footprint in the manufacturing and retail process. They utilize other recyclable elements to create the cardboard tube, such as soybean ink and environmental glue.

H3 Quality Controlled Facility

Hopak Packaging has 10 years of experience manufacturing paper product materials. The process is controlled, and quality is ensured in the state-of-the-art 3000 square meters, no-dust facility. Hopak packaging’s advanced equipment includes three automatic production lines, an automatic one pipe winding machine, six sets of half-automatic curling machines, one die out machine, five pipe cutting machines.

Not only is Hopak Packaging capable of taking on large, complex orders, the highest attention to detail and quality controlled is guaranteed throughout the entire manufacturing process.

H2 Customizable Packaging

The CBD industry is incredibly crowded due to recent deregulations. Standing out from the rest of the businesses selling similar products is achieved by providing a superior product and exceptional marketing materials. Hopak Packaging can help CBD businesses differentiate their products from other companies by using high-quality, customizable packaging.

H3 Elevate Customer Experience

H3 Elevate Customer Experience

Hopak Packaging’s team of designers and engineers ensure that your product ready for retail. The cardboard tube is the perfect way to communicate the CBD brand’s message through 100% customizable designs.

Most CBD companies use a flimsy cardboard box, providing little to zero protection and brand differentiation. Hopak Packaging’s paper tube packaging secures the glass tincture bottles, requiring less package filler when the product is sent directly to consumers.

The paper tube packaging is also a much more appealing option than the industry-standard cardboard box as far as usability. CBD consumers will want to actually use the packaging to store their product rather than throwing it away after the purchase. The cardboard tube serves as a carrying case for the CBD oil that can keep the product safe in a purse, backpack, or suitcase when they need are on the go.

Hopak Packaging also offers inserts that can be used to create custom mailers or for display purposes. Choose between:

  • Blister
  • Blister with velvet
  • Sponge
  • Satin fabric
  • Cotton
  • Pillow
  • EVA with velvet

H3 Complex Surface Finishing

The capabilities of Hopak Packaging are apparent in their custom finishing options. Businesses can choose from a variety of complex finishes, including:

  • Gloss lamination
  • Matt lamination
  • Screen printing
  • UV coating
  • Embossing
  • Hot stamping

The versatility of Hopak packaging’s factory allows businesses and marketers to truly communicate their brand and set their product from the rest of the market. Hot stamping, in particular, gives the cardboard tube an expensive look, perfect for high-quality CBD oils.

H3 Unique Design

H3 Unique Design

Full customization and a range of finishes allow cannabis brands to elevate the customer experience through a functional, unique, and eco-friendly solution. Product design is a great way to stand out and communicate how they produce exceeds the industry norm. CBD is an expensive commodity and deserves high-quality packaging to validate the high-price point further.

H2 Hopak Packaging’s Circular Economy Concept

Sustainability is an essential part of Hopak Packaging’s overall manufacturing strategy. The company understands consumers are looking for more environmentally conscious solutions, especially in the emerging cannabis industry.

Hopak Packaging upholds the circular economy concept based on three fundamental principles:

  • Design out waste and pollution
  • Keep materials and products in use
  • Regenerate natural systems

While the company endorses these principles through their manufacturing process, they understand that the fight to reduce emissions is an evolving process that requires complete transparency and an ongoing conversation. If you have any ideas about how Hopak Packaging can prevent waste and practice sustainable manufacturing for the cannabis industry, contact them via email ,Facebook ,Instagram , Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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Hopak Packaging’s state-of-the-art facility is capable of handling orders of all magnitudes across multiple economic sectors. The cardboard tube is perfect for CBD tincture packaging, but they have various molds that can cater to multiple product sizes.

Contact Hopak Packaging today for a FREE initial assessment of your current packaging usage and determine how you can benefit from more economical and environmentally efficient options.