Lamination is a common printing technique in the printing and packaging industry, especially paper-based packaging printing. Paper packaging becomes stronger and glossier when laminated.

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1. What is lamination?

Coating a thin and transparent plastic protective film on the surface of printed cardboard is called lamination.

The process of flexible packaging lamination is using an adhesive, two or more flexible packaging webs are laminated together. There are three types of webs: film, paper, and foil. It is necessary to apply the adhesive to the less absorbent substrate web and press it to the second sheet of paper to bond them.


2. Lamination options

Printed cartons, rigid cartons, and corrugated boxes can be laminated in four different ways.

  • glossy lamination
  • matte lamination
  • Soft-touch laminate
  • Scratch Resistant Lamination

Gloss laminated boxes and matte laminated boxes have a glossy or matte look by laminating PET film to cardboard. Folding cartons, E-Flute and F-Flute corrugated boxes, rigid cartons, cosmetic cartons, and custom paper bags often have facings.

1) Gloss

Gloss lamination gives custom cartons a brighter sheen than UV gloss coatings or varnishes. This is a great way to give your custom box a clean, modern look. Glossy printed cartons have a shiny finish that makes colors stand out. For a very bright visual effect, glossy lamination works well with hot stamping silver foil.

2) Matte

Custom cartons can benefit from matte lamination, which provides a smooth, luxurious feel and look. Color palettes and soft designs can be used with it. A matte finish also eliminates glare and generally looks cleaner because fingerprints don’t show up after people touch them. In addition, matte laminates are available for the application of foil finishes and partial UV finishes. Colors appear more vibrant and bright due to the strong contrast.

3) Soft touch laminate

Soft-touch lamination gives printed cartons a soft-touch feel by applying a special matte coating. It consists of a special BOPP film with an excellent soft touch. The matte surface has a pleasant and intense velvety effect, similar to the texture of peach skin. In the printing and packaging industry, it is widely used in high-end applications. This finish is very common in the production of folding, cosmetics, jewelry, cardboard gifts, and rigid cartons.

Premium and prestigious products requiring tactile differentiation benefit from soft-touch cartons. This laminate can be printed, glued, and embossed. It can be used for embossing, grooves, spot UV finishes, and hot stamping. It is ideal for all kinds of high-end products such as cosmetics, jewelry, and watches.

4) Scratch-resistant lamination

Special BOPP film is used for scratch-resistant lamination to make custom cartons resistant to abrasion and scratches. It also effectively removes dirt and stains caused by fingerprints. Therefore, high-end cosmetic cartons and rigid cartons usually use finishes.

Matte laminated boxes are prone to scratches, this is solved by using a scratch-resistant laminate. For custom cartons printed with large solid colors such as black, blue, and red, matte lamination may cause scratches. Custom cartons feature a matte finish.


3. What are the advantages of lamination?

In the same way that laminated paper packaged products retain their original fresh color, are resistant to moisture, and are easy to clean after dusting, laminated paper packaged products have a longer shelf life.

1) Enhanced product protection

For food and beverage packaging, laminates protect substances such as water, oil, or grease. A vapor barrier (a thin, impermeable coating) can be used in conjunction with various laminates to ensure that products remain sterile until ready for use.

2) Anti-counterfeiting security

To prevent counterfeiting, paper manufacturers often use special colored laminating adhesives. When the ticket is torn, the unique color of the laminated ticket can be seen. Flexible enough to withstand water contact and slight bending, these specialty tickets are waterproof. Tickets for sporting events, musical performances, and even public transport are issued this way.

3) Light up “Blocking” barriers

Some laminates have internal adhesive layers that block light transmission. Many products require this “blocking” coating to prevent light from passing through. Advertising (aisle signs or signs in shop windows), trading cards, and photographic light boxes are among these products.


4. Gloss lamination VS. matte lamination

In packaging production, lamination involves covering the surface of a product with a polymer film. There are two types of products: glossy and matte, depending on their surface reflectivity. Laminated printing on glossy laminated paper packaging will be glossy and very eye-catching. Confectionary products, children’s toys, etc. are often made using this technique. And more, some manufacturers of disney fantasy pins also print some cartoon characters on the glossy laminated paper packaging to fit the theme of the pins and attract children’s interest, making it easier to sell the product.

In contrast, matte laminated paper packaging can make the printed paper appear dull. The surface will have a very smooth feel. In most cases, this method is used for business cards, catalogs, flyers, and paper bags. Creating a sense of elegance, appeal, and mystery in the product was the goal.

5. Why should we use glossy/matte lamination in our publications?

When paper packaging products are laminated with glossy or translucent plastic, it is easier to stand upright. Ink rolled under a glossy (or translucent) film coat will also extend the durability of the color over time, reducing tarnish and increasing water resistance.

Also, depending on the type of lamination, the product will have just the right amount of brightness and gloss. Especially on wrapping paper, catalogs, invitations, and business cards, the plastic layer is easy to clean without staining.

1)Lamination step

To create the finished product, the glossy matte lamination process goes through many detailed stages. Laminators and rollers are used to create glossy and matt laminated products. When the paper is fed into the roller system, a post is pressed against the glue-coated roller. Using another post, the paper is rolled up again. Then rinse the paper after the glue dries and separate it into several sheets.

2) For lamination purposes

Laminated custom-printed cartons resist staining and moisture, add strength and durability, and add gloss and vibrancy to inks. Due to the film, the printed carton becomes more rigid and waterproof in wet conditions. In addition, lamination extends the life of printed colors.

6. What industries can lamination be used in?

Lamination is used to create flexible packaging with enhanced barrier properties, appearance, and strength. Therefore, it can be used in any application requiring enhanced barrier properties, appearance, and strength.

Typically, lamination is used in the food industry to extend shelf life and maintain freshness. Products such as ice cream, potato chips, snacks, and beverages are packaged in laminated flexible packaging in the food industry.

In addition to raw foods such as boiled bags in bags, frozen or microwave products, vegetables, and meat, it can also be applied to raw foods such as boiled bags in bags. In addition to the food industry, lamination is used in the electronics, clothing, cosmetics, and medical sectors.


7. Conclusion

Custom flexible packaging comes in glossy lamination, frosted, soft touch, scratch-resistant lamination, and more. You can find more information by clicking here.

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