A lip balm paper tube is the container for lip balm. It is worth mentioning a special mold needs to be made for the production of bundled tubes in rotating lipstick tubes. So the size of the twisted paper lip with a tube is fixed. The most commonly used rotary lipstick tubes are 21mm in diameter x 70mm in height with a 20mm cap. The lipstick core diameter is generally 12.1mm. Our packaging engineers could first make a tube box template for you to design the surface printing file.

1. What is lip balm paper tube

Push lipstick tube, also known as squeeze outlet red tube, is made of 100% paper material. It has a simple structure with paper tubes and a removable push-up baseplate. Cosmetic extrusion tubes are available in a variety of materials, which can be kraft paper tubes, white cardboard tubes, or black paper tubes. The straight pipe is lined with food-grade wax film or PP film. Filled with melted lips sometimes, the lips have there that do not stick to the paper tube. You can customize the push-up lipstick tube of any size.

Thus, push-up tubes can be both lipstick tubes and deodorizing push-up tubes, and you can choose this style of paper tube when increasing the size, such as a 0.3oz lipstick tube, 0.5oz lipstick tube, 1oz lipstick tube, 1.5oz deodorization push tube, 2oz deodorization tube, and 2.5 oz deodorization tube.

Lip Balm Paper Tube

2. Types of lip balm paper tube

There are many types of lipstick paper tube packaging, so let’s take a look at each type.

1) Custom lipstick display case

This showcase is designed for counter display tubular lip balm. Sturdy cardboard and custom insert cutouts support the display of one. In addition, this customized display box can finish storing before your lipstick is covered.

2) Lipstick packaging cartons

This compact folding carton is lightweight but strong, meets shipping standards, and can easily withstand wear and tear. Simple but not unpretentious, plain but different. Combined with your brand design, the box will make your product the most eye-catching product on the shelf.

3) Slide carton packaging

Depending on product size, paper inserts, and EVA foam inserts are available as optional materials to ensure the highest level of interior content protection. The full-cover slide frame will provide more drawing space on one hand. It allows the product to maintain top-level privacy. On the other hand, it isolates the light source, avoids temperature fluctuations, and is more conducive to the preservation of lipstick.

4) Sliding carton with window packaging

Most customers prefer to buy products that can see and touch according to their preferences.  which adds a transparent visible window to the original windowless version, which helps to get a first impression of the details inside.

Lip Balm Paper Tube

5) Sliding carton with pull tabs packaging

Just like the sliding lid we just mentioned, the unique drawstring design makes opening and closing the box easier and easier to play with. We promise to provide you with quality and a wonderful opening experience with great confidence for your customers. It is also worth mentioning that the pull tab can be fully customized with different shapes and materials (e.g. fabric, ribbon, silk, etc.).

6) Subscription box packaging

Subscription boxes are always needed to build your cosmetics line or keep up with popular lip balm products.

A first-class product deserves a first-class box. This well-planned carton manages to protect your quality sample products from shipping.

With full feedback on your packaging artwork design, this perfect email will help surprise your customers regularly.

7) Rigid lipstick twist hanging box packaging

Let’s say you’re using a rectangular lip balm plastic container and plan to switch to more eco-friendly packaging. In this case, this can be an exciting option for you. It comes with a twisted PP container and a square rigid box bottom. The whole box can print your design artwork. The unique and stylish square lip balm box will make your lip balm products stand out.

8) Lip balm twists paper tube packaging

This is a combination of paper (exterior) and plastic (internal) packaging solutions. Compared with all-plastic tubes, it is relatively sustainable and environmentally friendly, and more protective than all-paper tubes. Combine your brand artwork design with our recyclable carton packaging solutions. The unique look of lip balm will help differentiate your lip balm brand from other brands.

9) Push-up paper tube packaging

We recommend our push-up paper tubes as your organic lip balm because they are 100% natural.

They are made of oil-resistant paper barriers and are an ecological alternative to plastic pipes. The simple push-up design with a smooth-moving disc at the bottom of the tube will provide your consumers with a user experience unlike any other.

10) Lip balm paper can packaging

Those paper lip balm cans are used as lip balm containers with grease-proof paper barriers and can also be used to prevent damage and breakage during transportation. The eco-friendly food-grade paper used as a raw material ensures the connection between the box and a consumer-centric attitude.

Lip Balm Paper Tube

3. Conclusion

Lip balm is one of the most commonly used beauty products. Even those who claim not to wear makeup regularly will admit that lip balm is a daily necessity. When so many brands produce newer and better lip balms, it’s important to make your brand stand out. One way to do this is to package your products in the way consumers like them the most. Still, struggling to find suppliers? Contact us as soon as possible, we are a quality supplier for producing paper tubes.

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