Paper tubes are cylindrical packaging designed to hold a variety of different products, such as food and beverages. They come in many different sizes and can be printed or unprinted depending on your company’s needs. In today’s guide, we’ll explore the process of making a packaging paper tube.

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1. Paper tubes usually use several materials and characteristics

Paper tubes usually use several materials and characteristics There are mainly the following kinds:

1) Anti-grease paper

Greaseproof paper is made of fine plant fibers intertwined after the pulp is removed downstream in a wet state, no sizing, no filler, paper copying, 72% concentrated sulfuric acid soaked for 2 to 3s, washed with water and then treated with glycerin, after drying to form a hard texture of film type material. Sulfuric acid paper is firm, dense, and slightly transparent, with strong grease resistance and water permeability, impermeability, wetness, and other characteristics. It can be waterproof, moisture-proof, oil-proof, sterilization, and disinfectant.

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2) White kraft paper

The biggest use of white kraft paper is to pack some food and medicines because it is environmentally friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable.

3) Kraft paper

Smooth and neat. The paper of kraft paper is smooth and clean, kraft paper has good thermal compression elasticity, high flatness, and stable heat transfer. The heat transfer performance of kraft paper is smooth, and uniform, with no fluctuation, and the heat transfer rate is moderate.

4) Black cardboard

Black cardboard is characterized by delicate paper quality, translucent black, firm and thick, good folding resistance, smooth surface, good stiffness, good tensile strength, and high breakage resistance. The common thickness is 120g-350g black cardboard. Since the black cardboard is black inside and outside, it cannot print color patterns and is only suitable for hot stamping and other processes.

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5) Write a paper

White and smooth, poor damage resistance, generally used for cans only the whiteness of writing paper is a very unsuitable material for making paper cans, but cost-effective, for customers who pursue price, you can choose to use a combination of writing paper and yarn tube paper

6) Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is a paper made by laminating and bonding aluminum foil liner paper with aluminum foil. The quality is soft, and easy to deform, like paper, it will not bounce off after deformation. It can qualitatively, ensure shading, will not fall off, is opaque, has no pollution, suitable for high-grade cigarettes, tea, candy, and other food moisture-proof and decorative packaging.

7) Laminated paper

Laminated paper, also known as white plastic paper, consists of two layers: base paper and laminated. The role of laminated paper is mainly moisture-proof, and oil-proof, and plays a role in product isolation. The main feature is that this composite material is oilproof, waterproof (relative), and can be thermally laminated. But it cannot be degraded.

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8) Tube paper

A type of industrial paper specially used in the textile industry for the manufacture of paper yarn tubes and tapered paper tubes. It is a thin sheet of steel paper. Yarn tube paper is mainly used in industrial tubes, film tubes, artillery tubes, textile tubes, spiral tubes, pagoda tubes, various paper corners, cartons, honeycomb paperboard, etc.

2. Base paper slitting machine

Pipe reel – pipe rolling die – pipe rolling glue

3. Pipe rolling demonstration

Working principle of spiral tube reel machine: Gear belt – roll tube mold = rotary movement

4. Paper tube thickness – looseness – paper grams

  • A. The wall thickness of the paper tube is matched according to the gram of the paper, and the thickness of 600g of paper is about 1mm.
  • B. Usually, do thick and thin jars, we have 600g inner tube and 600g outer tube matching.
  • C. The gram number of paper directly affects the opening and closing looseness of the paper can.
  • D. The paper material is different, and some customers require black cards, cow cards, etc. to be different.
  • E. The water content of the paper tube will also affect the elasticity, so dry the tube.

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5. The difference between water glue machine and hot melt machine labeling

A. The high and low-temperature test results of the water labeling machine are much better than the test results of the hot melt machine, but the disadvantages are low output, large surface glue stains, and the need to be cleaned by multiple hands. Advantages: accurate alignment, need to align the line must be labeled with a glue machine.

B. Hot melt machine labeling machine, advantages: easy operation, high output, disadvantages: 2-3mm online alignment error. High and low-temperature test high temperature 85°, low temperature -30°.

6. Humidity control – tunnel oven

After the water glue machine is labeled, the water content of the paper cylinder must be controlled again, and a good product must have links to control. The hot melt adhesive labeling machine does not need to control the moisture content of the paper tube again.

7. Common structure of paper tubes

  • The structure of the heaven and earth lid consists of two paper tubes, one large and one small.
  • Three-piece flat-edged paper tube consisting of a lid, inner tube, and bottom.
  • A three-piece set of crimped paper cans consisting of a lid, inner tube, bottom
  • Tinplate composite paper can be made of tinplate and paper tube composite
  • The plastic cover composite paper tube is made of the plastic cover and paper tube composite
  • Special-shaped crimped paper tube, self-developed oval crimped paper tube runway type crimped paper tube, and four-sided crimped paper tube.

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8. Conclusion

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