When customers order products online, there is some level of excitement as they wait for the package to arrive in the next few days. Having original, unique, and quickly identifiable packaging will not only appeal to your customers. But it will also help increase your brand awareness and ultimately increase your company’s revenue.

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1. The function of your packaging material: protect the product

When choosing the right shipping material for your product, it’s important to keep in mind the size and functionality of the package. Your products must reach your customers intact and without any signs of damage caused by the shipping process.

When a customer receives a damaged product, it will not only cause disappointment and dissatisfaction. But it can also create a negative perception of your business and products. Customers who receive a damaged product are more likely to leave negative reviews, are less likely to buy from your company in the future, and will almost certainly not recommend your product to their friends and family. Not to mention the lost revenue your company has due to refunds or replacements of damaged products.

Use bubble wrap, air pillows, kraft paper, recycled paper, or any other type of filler to ensure that your products reach your customers safely. even custom cardboard inserts designed to fit and secure your specific product.

In addition to ensuring the safety of the product, it is more important than ever to consider the type of material used for packaging. Today, many consumers are aware of their buying habits, with 2019% of consumers more likely to buy from brands that use sustainable or biodegradable packaging solutions, according to an e-commerce study conducted in 62.

The packaging is the protector of the product inside. It protects the product from physical shocks such as impact, wetting, and scratches. Packaging enables products to reach consumers in the most economical way possible and is easy to store. Another important role is to provide consumers with information that is easy to choose and use. The weight, price, date of manufacture, date of use, composition, name of a manufacturing company, and details of use written on the packaging provide great convenience for sellers and consumers.

Packaging enables consumers to know all the attributes of a product. It is almost the “eye” of the product. With the development of modern society, the size of families has shrunk, the number of single households has increased, and the production of packaging has increased, especially sub-packaging.

Packaged goods are preferred because today’s fast-paced people have limited time to eat, drink, and shop, and are easy to use and transport. Most companies aim to be more environmentally friendly to meet the growing demand.

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2. What is the value of sustainable packaging?

Sustainable packaging has less impact on the environment during its life cycle than traditional materials. This starts with the source of the material. But aspects of the entire production process and how to dispose of it also have to be taken into account. As millennials continue to make up a larger share of the consumer base, we are seeing more and more of the public concentrating their purchasing power on companies that are ethical with them. Therefore, eco-friendly packaging is becoming a fundamental part of any brand identity.

Engaging your audience and building trust can be achieved by adopting eco-friendly practices. By aligning with your customers’ values, your brand will become more relevant, cultivate more loyalty, and ultimately lead to more sales over time. Coincidentally, eco-friendly packaging practices can end up reducing costs. As the market for sustainable packaging solutions continues to grow, they use less material and are incredibly cost-effective.

1) Stand out

Effective product packaging will make your products stand out from the competition. When your packaging is on store shelves, it’s important to grab the consumer’s attention. You want packaging that grabs consumers’ attention and makes them want to check it out. Packaging that grabs consumers’ attention will only make it sell better.

2) Protection

You also need effective packaging to protect your product when it arrives at the store, protect it on store shelves, and protect consumers when they take it home.

3) Usage information

Effective packaging is also important because it often contains important information about the use of the product, such as instructions for using the product or how to make the product. If this information is not displayed correctly, you may receive many consumer complaints.

4) Product information

Effective packaging of a product often also contains certain information that can help consumers learn more about your product, such as the composition or nutritional content of the product, which can make the product sell better, especially if it is displayed correctly.

5) Brand and product information

In addition to packaging that emphasizes your brand name and clearly describes what the product is, it’s important to package your product effectively. If consumers have difficulty identifying what a product is, they move on.

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3. How to realize the value of sustainable packaging?

Nearly two-thirds (66%) of consumers are willing to pay more for products and services from companies committed to making a difference a positive impact on society and the environment. This is a significant increase from 55% last year and 50% the year before. As long as the public actively seeks out the sustainability efforts of large companies to help combat climate change, the trend of increasing ecological value is sure to continue to grow.

1) Utilize fewer packaging materials

First of all, we should reduce the number of materials used in the packaging. This solves the problem at the root. Remember the three Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle), This is a long-standing principle that is easy to understand. If you reduce the number of things you consume, you can reduce the waste you dispose of. This not only reduces your packaging costs immediately but also reduces energy consumption and by-products in the disposal process.

2) Switch to eco-friendly packaging materials

By using environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic and non-recyclable materials, your brand can make a significant impact. By doing so, you are supporting companies that are actively involved in sustainability initiatives. As a responsible consumer, you are helping to increase demand for sustainable packaging and reduce its price. Over time, companies like yours will provide more value to other eco-friendly companies and reduce the need for unsustainable materials. As a result, the environmental impact is greater because single-use packaging leaves toxic contaminants in the environment during both manufacturing and disposal.

3) Avoid mixing recyclable and non-recyclable materials

The recycling process is highly organized and extremely complex. The reality is that only a fraction of the material we send for disposal can be recycled and converted into another usable material. Many times, packaging materials are discarded because the packaging is a mixture of recyclable and non-recyclable materials that are difficult to separate or too time-consuming to sort. These situations effectively negate the environmental efforts made by companies, despite their best intentions. Verify that packaging materials are fully recyclable before disposing of them so that they can be recycled instead of disposed of.

4) Consider using pre-recycled materials

The pre-recycled material has completed the recycling process and can now be reused. Using pre-recycled materials is very good for the environment! They will ultimately reduce the amount of new material your company puts into circulation. The most commonly used packaging materials can be found in the pre-recycled form. For example, packaged peanuts are color-coded based on the percentage of recycled material in their composition. Recycling paper is also used by many innovative printing companies for marketing materials and other inserts. Recycling paper from corrugated cardboard or shipping boxes can even be used for custom product packaging.

5) Take the next step

As consumers become more demanding, eco-friendly packaging is essential to win customers and enhance brands. By reducing the materials used throughout the packaging process and choosing sustainable packaging alternatives, you can respond to market demand and generate more revenue because of brand loyalty. With a stronger presence, your brand can increase sales through eco-friendly packaging.

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4. Conclusion

Nowadays, many consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, which is often reflected in their purchase decisions. Therefore, using eco-friendly packaging for your products will appeal to these consumers, effectively helping to increase sales and brand appeal, thereby boosting overall business.

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