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  • Over 10 years of experience in custom cosmetic tube packaging

  • Create your cosmetic packaging any way you need with endless customization.

  • We processed rush orders in 8-10 working days, or even shorter.

  • Rushing orders are accepted with minimal charges.

Custom Cosmetic Packaging with Paper Tube from Hopak

Hopak Tube Cosmetic Packaging

As a professional tube packaging manufacturer with over 10 years of experience, Hopak provides high-quality cosmetic paper tube packaging for skin care, loose powder, hair products, etc. We can create your cosmetic packaging any way you need with endless customization.

Your cosmetic paper tube packaging will be highly customized in different sizes, and finishes. The packaging design is one of the insightful ways to affect the purchasing decision of the customers. Hopak utilizes high-quality printing to make an attractive display for your cosmetic tube packaging. It helps to make your brand more identified in the market and your products more memorable.

Besides, add-ons (EVA insert, handle, window patch, etc. ) applied to the packaging tube can enhance its beauty. If you are looking a supplier to custom tube cosmetic packaging, Hopak is your good choice.

Custom Cosmetic Tube Packaging Solutions

Cosmetic Tube Packaging Examples

Black Cosmetic Paper Tube Packaging for Loose Powder

  • Material: 157g Art Paper, White Cardboard, Grey Board
  • Size: Diameter 1.4’*Height 4.7’
  • Color: CMYK
  • Coating: Matte Varnishing
  • Add on: Plastic Shifter
Cosmetic Tube Packaging Examples

Cosmetic Cardboard Tube Container with Wooden Lids

  • Material: 157g Art Paper, White Cardboard, Grey Board
  • Size: Diameter 1.4’*Height 4.7’
  • Color: CMYK
  • Coating: Matte Varnishing
  • Add on: Wooden Lids
Cosmetic Tube Packaging Examples

Eco-Friendly Round Cosmetic Packaging

  • Material: 157g Art Paper, White Cardboard, Grey Board
  • Size: Diameter 2.6’*Height 6’
  • Color: CMYK
  • Coating: Matte Varnishing
  • Add on: EVA Foam, Paper Tray
Cosmetic Tube Packaging Examples

Round Tube Perfume Paper Box Packaging

  • Material: 157g Art Paper, White Cardboard, Grey Board
  • Color: CMYK
  • Coating: Matte Varnishing
  • Surface Finishing: Hot Stamping
  • Add on: EVA Foam

One stop service to Custom Tube Cosmetic Packaging

Hopak provides high-quality paper tube packaging for cosmetics to improve your brands.

Cosmetic Tube Packaging Features

Custom Cosmetic Tube Packaging

  • With hundreds of toolings in stock, you don’t need to pay extra for developing tools, from the smallest diameter of 1cm to the biggest diameter of 32cm.

  • We’ve got 5 automatic production lines, which keep stable high quality of products and high efficiency.

  • Only use eco-friendly, biodegradable, food-grade paper material, safe and meet the standard of environmental protection.

  • Customers will benefit from extensive custom product packaging options and services.

Custom Cosmetic Tube Packaging Specification

Steps to Custom Cosmetic Tube Packaging


By understanding your needs, our sales work with you to submit the appropriate packaging solution.


Based on your items, capacity, our engineers transform ideas into the effective packaging solutions.

Artwork design

Before sending your artworks, we can offer the template files to finish your design.


Before placing a production order, to get a physical prototype is an important step to be sure of your packaging.


When you confirm the prototype and we receive the deposit, production runs at the highest industry standard, lead time is around 15 days to 20 days.


By sea or by air, CNF, door to door, ex-work, arranged the shipment by your agent, or we manage your deliveries? All depends on your decision.

Cosmetic Tube Manufacturer FAQ

Absolutely. Customization can include the tube’s size, shape, color, and the printing of logos, designs, or text. Advanced printing techniques can create high-quality, visually appealing tubes.

This depends on the materials used. More brands are opting for recyclable or biodegradable materials, making these tubes more eco-friendly.

A wide range of cosmetic products like face creams, hand lotions, body scrubs, sunscreens, and even some makeup items like liquid foundations or concealers.

It enhances brand visibility and appeal, provides convenient usage for customers, and can communicate a brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability.

Yes, most tubes are designed to be durable, protecting the product from air, light, and contamination. Material choice plays a big role in durability.

Yes, tubes can be made in various sizes to accommodate different product volumes, from small sample sizes to larger, family-sized products.

Brands should consider their target market, product type, sustainability goals, and branding strategy. Practical aspects like the tube’s cap style, shape, and material also play a crucial role.

Sorry, we don’t have a price list, because all our products are customized.

Cosmetic Tube Manufacturers FAQ
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