In the cosmetics industry, packaging plays an important role. Your product will get the customer’s attention and entice them to buy it. Paper tube packaging may be the perfect choice if you are a cosmetics company looking for an eco-friendly packaging option.

1. What is cosmetic paper tube packaging?

In the paper packaging industry, paper tube packaging is becoming more and more popular. As an alternative packaging to cartons and plastic packaging, paper tube packaging can provide perfect protection for customers’ products from damage and defects during transportation and storage. In addition, the material of the paper tube packaging is environmentally friendly. 

Nowadays, paper tube packaging is widely used in various industries including cosmetic packaging. It’s a great sustainable option for shipping cosmetics and protecting products from damage.

cosmetic paper tube packaging

2. The advantages of cosmetic paper tube packaging

Paper tubes can be used to pack cosmetics in small sizes and small volumes. The advantages are very obvious. This kind of packaging is the easiest to make and saves time. It can not only protect valuable cosmetics well but also play a good role in protection… It still gives people a good aesthetic effect, which means a good marketing effect. This form of box is popular in a large number of cases and can even serve as the basis for a general solution for a product line. These bags can also be used with other forms to obtain a large number of combinations for different purposes.

Paper tubes are an excellent choice for repackaging some traditionally wasted cosmetics due to these four advantages.

1) Reduce plastic waste

Especially with plastic bans on the horizon, brands are scrambling to find sustainable alternatives. It’s surprising how much plastic is used in cosmetic tubes! Plastic waste from cosmetic products is largely caused by the mechanism used to push the product to the top of the tube. Paper tubes, on the other hand, use a push-up mechanism and require no additional material. Plus, since they’re made from natural materials, these tubes are compostable!

2) Longer lasting

Because the paper tube requires less space for the twisting mechanism, the product inside has more room! You even get more product at the bottom of the tube! That last bit of lip balm you’ve never quite touched before? Push it to the top!

3) Harder to lose

Have you ever reached for your lip balm only to find it lost somewhere? We’ve been there. Since the paper tubes use the push-up option, they need to be a little larger to accommodate the space needed to make the mechanism work. Larger balms are harder to lose, but the tube is more likely to break if lost!

4) Different structure options

When we talk about push-up packs, you’re probably thinking of something closer to a Push-Pop; cylindrical, something you push from the bottom up. But there are different styles of paper tubes to choose from. They use a flat, toothpaste-like tube that allows you to squeeze the product out instead of pushing it out! This shape saves more space than traditional cylindrical tubes while still using eco-friendly materials!

cosmetic paper tube packaging

3. Which brands need paper tube packaging

In addition to the well-known brand Procter & Gamble, more brands have shifted from packaging to full paper packaging. As a paper packaging solution, custom paper tubes are more suitable for the following brands:

  • It has a clear brand positioning: more environmentally friendly, advocating the environment, and pursuing all-natural product packaging.
  • Strict requirements for consistency across the brand: paper round tube shapes for all product categories
  • Special packaging is required.

4. What cosmetics can be packed in paper tubes?

  • Custom Paper Tubes for All Natural Deodorant Packaging
  • Custom paper tubes for lip gloss, lip kit, lip balm, and lipstick packaging
  • Custom Paper Tubes for Face Cream, Eye Cream, Lotion, Serum, and Essential Oil Packaging
  • Custom paper tubes for hair straighteners, irons, curlers, and brushes
  • Customized cosmetic powder paper tube, talcum powder packaging
  • Customized Perfume Bottle Paper Tube, Solid Perfume Packaging
  • Customized Cosmetic Tissue Paper Tube, Cosmetic Swab Packaging
  • Custom paper tubes for eyeliner, mascara, and mascara packaging
  • Custom paper tubes for soap, candle packaging

cosmetic paper tube packaging

5. How to customize cosmetic paper tube packaging?

Paper tube packaging can be easily customized by following the complete guide below. Let professionals turn packaging ideas into reality.

1) Select the paper tube structure

Let’s start with the basic structure of the tube. A cardboard tube usually consists of three parts: a cap, a neck, and a base. Based on this, we can see the 4 most common tube configurations by employing different production procedures and cuts.

  • Short cover + hidden neck + high bottom

This is the most used tubular structure and can be applied to various product packaging.

  • High cover + hidden neck + short bottom

Mainly used in lotion, cream, etc.

  • Wide cover + narrow bottom without neck

Just like a normal lid and bottom box

  • Lid + bare neck + base

The bare neck can also be printed

2) Select the material of the paper tube body

  • White cardboard (classic and most commonly used)
  • Recycled kraft board (virgin and eco-friendly)
  • Black Cardstock (Deluxe, Deluxe, Full Clarinet)

3) Select wrapping paper material and surface treatment

The paper tube itself is held together with thick cardboard and wrapping paper. You can choose different paper materials according to your needs; the following are some of the most commonly used paper tube packaging wrapping paper materials,

  • White art paper

Copperplate paper is the best material for full-color printing, and the printing quality is the best. It’s also very flexible with finishes; you can use almost any finish on white art paper – for example, spot UV, hot foil stamping, embossing, embossing, etc.

  • Brown kraft paper

It looks pristine and natural, which is attractive to many brands that are more environmentally sensitive. Kraft paper can be printed in some simple colors such as black, white, and gray. Surface treatment, suitable for bronzing, partial UV, etc.

  • Black art paper

After certain surface treatments, such as Hot Foil hot stamping, Spot UV, etc., black paper can look luxurious after printing with white ink.

  • Other special art papers with special textures

Paper with special textures and lines, such as leather, denim, etc. When it comes to finishing, less is more. The most recommended finishes are gold leaf and embossing. Embossing and dimples are not recommended on the tube body during production. (package part)

4) Select the winding method of the pipe neck

For the neck, even the cap and bottom, we can use different wrapping methods to meet the needs of different customers.

  • not scrolling on the edge
  • scrolling on the edge

They are all good at different styles. You can choose the scrolling method to better suit your design.

5) Choose a rolling method for the lid and base

  • Flat-top pipes (mainly used for large-size pipes)
  • Roll-in tube (classic, cost-effective)

6) Select “plug-in” according to product requirements

  • food grade paper container
  • Foam EVA inserts with custom-sized “cutouts”.
  • Plastic or full paper insert
  • PVC window on pipe body
  • Rope handle or ribbon pull tab
  • Metal lids for food, tea coffee beans, etc.
  • Aluminum foil insert

The most important thing is that cosmetics custom paper tube packaging is more and more accepted by cosmetics brands.

cosmetic paper tube packaging

6. Example of customized cosmetic paper tube packaging

Paper cosmetic tube packaging is widely used in the cosmetic and beauty industries. If you want the packaging of your beauty products to stand out, you can opt for custom printed carton packaging with full-color offset printing, plus some premium finishes like speckled UV and hot stamping to make them look great, through your specially designed cosmetic tube packaging box, customers can easily remember your cosmetic brand.

1) Custom printed cosmetic paper tubes with gold foil or silver foil stamped logo

Premium finishes and printed artwork can give your cosmetic packaging a very high-end look to promote your product and brand. Tubes, whether brown kraft paper or white cardboard, will look attractive when stamped with a logo or symbol.

2) Customized paper tube packaging for printed paper lipsticks and lip balms

In cosmetic tube packaging applications, paper tube lipsticks and lip balms have their unique advantages. We use 100% recyclable kraft paper to make our paper lip balm tubes, which are more eco-friendly than plastic tubes. In addition, the cardboard lipstick tube can be printed in full color, any customized pattern can be printed, and high-end appearance treatments such as luxury bronzing and partial UV can be carried out, which makes the brand lipstick stand out in the market and attracts more customers in the store. Finally, paper lipstick tubes are a better deal. Students and low-income consumers can create lipstick or lip balm at an affordable price by using paper tubes.

3) Customized perfume bottle paper tube packaging 

Round paper tubes are the perfect choice for round-bottle perfume packaging. Whether the perfume bottle is a long thin spout or a large container, there are tubes of different diameters and custom sizes to fit your perfume container. You can choose perfume tube packaging with custom-printed full-color artwork, or you can choose monochrome printing or natural brown kraft paper tube packaging with a high-quality hot stamping logo. 

If you want to save costs, you can put labels on plain kraft tubes. With the kraft cardboard tube made from recycled paper, you’ll give your customers a natural impression when they see your fragrance packaged in it.

4) Customized round paper tube packaging for face body skin care products

Tube packaging is the perfect alternative to folding cartons for beauty products such as skin creams, lotions, and essentials.  They have unique round sets that fit most round jars and bottles, and they also have tough cardboard walls to protect those fragile glass container beauty products inside. To attract consumers’ attention and get them to learn more about your beauty products, you can have them custom-printed and finished with luxurious designs.

In addition, since the paper tubes are made from recycled paper, your brand can convey an environmental message to your customers. Plus, it’s an affordable and cost-effective way to provide skincare products with pleasing packaging.

5) Eyelash wrapper tube

Packaging eyelashes in a round paper tube is a unique way compared to packaging in a carton. Lash tube packaging with a soft cotton-lined base and a raised-shaped plastic blister in the center to hold the lashes. To make the eyelash tube packaging more appealing, you can print your brand logo and other colors on it. Packing eyelashes in a small tube is more space-saving than packaging in long rectangular boxes, making it easier for people to put eyelash products in their handbags. Eyelash tube packaging can reduce costs and increase competitiveness.

cosmetic paper tube packaging

7. Conclusion

These are the frequently asked questions and answers about our customized cosmetic tube packaging. If you are considering custom cosmetic tube packaging, please contact Hopakpackaging for consultation.

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