As the trend towards decriminalization and legalization of various cannabis products continues to grow across the globe, there is a proliferation of new brands emerging in the space. While some stick to the age-old cannabis leaf, others are more creative with their cannabis packaging. Innovative packaging design can help brands stand out from competitors that look a bit budget or trashy. They also help build strong bonds with customers.

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to consume cannabis oil that says “I want weed” on the package. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the best examples of cannabis packaging and explain all the details that cannabis packaging designers should consider when designing their next piece.

1. Caliva

Caliva is a cannabis brand from California that specializes in CBD health products. Its modern, stylish, and simple design allows the brand to break away from the traditional concept of CBD and position it in the field of health brands.

You might even think you’re looking for high-end pharmaceutical packaging instead of CBD!

Cannabis Packaging

2. Canndescent

Canndescent is a stunning example of premium cannabis packaging. They specialize in elegant and high-end packaging, blending bold typography, rich colors, and sophisticated patterns to create a premium look and feel.

Whether you’re shopping for a luxury handbag from a famous designer or you’re looking for a gorgeous pre-rolled cone, the experience will be very similar! 

3. Kiva Confections

Kiva Confections specializes in cannabis edibles, using eye-catching and vibrant packaging designs that effectively communicate the flavor profile of their products. Rather than pursuing luxury, the brand uses earthy colors and symbols of nature to emphasize the origins of its products. 

What nature lover wouldn’t love this?

4. Seth Rogan

Is there anything less you could expect from Seth Rogan and his line of cannabis products? In the growing trend of celebrities creating CBD lines, Seth Rogan’s houseplants definitely stand out. 

The design combines a LEGO-esque collectible product with dynamic custom typography and modern product design visuals designed to help houseplants stand out in a saturated American market. 

If you ask me, they did. What is your conclusion?

5. Level

Level’s packaging design stands out with its bold and bright colors, clearly and concisely presenting the product’s benefits and efficacy information. The brand has chosen a more direct approach both in terms of how the packaging looks and how customers experience the product – strictly via tablet or e-cigarette. 

The message is clear – choose the effects you want to achieve and we have the right cannabis to help you get there!

Cannabis Packaging

6. Dosist

Known for their minimalist design, Dosist’s packaging features clean lines, muted colors, and a simple, modern aesthetic that reflects their focus on precision and consistency. What makes this brand stand out is the use of dosing pens, which allow users to easily inject the correct dose into their body.

So whether you want to sleep better, calm down, or achieve that special feeling of bliss, Dosist claims to have the right technology to help you do it.

7. Hair

When you think of mindfulness and cannabis, you probably think of brands like Beboe. The brand incorporates elegant and luxurious packaging elements reminiscent of high-end cosmetics or fragrances to create a sophisticated and discreet image for its cannabis products.

Their connection to mindfulness is exactly what every spiritual CBD consumer needs.

8. Bloom Farms

Bloom Farms focuses on nature and sustainability—one of the hottest packaging design trends this year (and hopefully for many years to come). Their packaging design features a clean, eco-friendly aesthetic that showcases the cannabis leaf form in a more subtle way. The brand also uses sustainable materials and simple typography to reflect its commitment to environmental awareness.

9. Specifics of the Cannabis Industry in Packaging

Similar to the pharmaceutical industry, cannabis packaging is specific because of its appearance and the message it conveys.

Here are five things every cannabis packaging designer should keep in mind when starting a project:

  1. Child-safe packaging
  2. Labels and information
  3. Restricted images and branding
  4. Packaging materials and safety
  5. Packaging materials and safety

1) Child-safe packaging

Many jurisdictions require cannabis products to have child-resistant packaging to prevent accidental ingestion by children. Packaging must be designed to be difficult for children to open, yet usable by adults.

2) Labels and information

Cannabis packaging often requires specific information to meet labeling compliance regulations. This includes the product’s name, strength, dosage instructions, warnings, ingredients, batch number, and date of manufacture or expiry date. Some regions also require QR codes or tracking systems for product traceability.

Cannabis Packaging

3) Restricted images and branding

The cannabis industry is subject to numerous regulations, including restrictions on certain imagery or branding elements that may attract minors or misrepresent the product. This may include limiting the use of cartoon characters, or celebrities, or excessive use of bold or bright colors.

4) Packaging materials and safety

Cannabis packaging should adhere to safety standards to ensure it does not interact with the product, compromising its quality or safety. Packaging materials should be suitable to maintain the freshness of the product, prevent contamination, and comply with any specific guidelines related to cannabis products.

5) Comply with environmental regulations

The cannabis industry is increasingly focusing on sustainable packaging. Many regions require or encourage the use of recyclable, biodegradable, or environmentally friendly packaging materials to reduce environmental impact.

10. Conclusion

Whether you’re a CBD enthusiast or just passionate about great design, the cannabis industry and brands of all kinds have a lot to teach us about the power of stunning packaging design. Their commitment to communicating their products in completely innovative ways and moving away from more traditional cannabis packaging methods is what makes them so exciting and fun. If you need help creating and reviewing your packaging design, please contact Hopakpackaging.

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