Packaging has become a top concern for marketers as evidence continues to show that visual aesthetics play an important role in a product’s success. Studies have shown that aesthetically pleasing packaging designs increase the time it takes consumers to make decisions. The more aesthetics the packaging offers, the more likely it is to be chosen.

1. What is the perfect cosmetic package?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Ideally, packaging should be specifically designed to meet the needs of each product. In cosmetics, there is a wide variety of products, so the best packaging form varies depending on the intended use, ingredients, and target audience of the product.

The packaging has two parts: the main body and the specifications. Moreover, they can be categorized as design components or non-design components. The specification covers all aspects of aesthetics, such as the shape, color, and label design of the packaging. The body deals with the structural integrity of the package, including the materials used and the type of seal.

These two components are equally important because they help sell and protect products for consumers. In a market worth more than $550 billion with a wide variety of products to choose from, the packaging is one of the main differentiators of products.

First, cosmetic packaging must be able to attract consumers. Most consumers decide what to buy when they have already entered the store and browsed the shelves. The package’s visual elements should help it stand out and attract consumers’ attention. Creating a memorable logo, having an eye-catching color scheme, or having a unique shape can be ways to achieve this intention.

Unique packaging designs are becoming more and more popular. For example, the French brand Paul & Joe’s lipstick is shaped like a cat’s face. Packaging design is of great importance to consumers since it impacts their purchasing decisions.

The last area that cosmetic packaging should consider is whether anything else should be included. These additional features are divided into various categories and include everything that is not included in the previously mentioned areas. Some of these examples include hygroscopic agents, technical links such as QR codes, and coupons.

They often provide additional benefits to the program. However, it does not fall within the scope of meeting the minimum government requirements. Moisture absorbers provide an excellent protective layer for packaging that contains moisture-containing contents, is very sensitive to water, or will be transported under hazardous conditions.

Technical links are becoming more popular and help provide consumers with additional information that there is not enough space on the packaging.

Cosmetics Packaging Boxes

2. The importance of cosmetic packaging

Makeup is an essential beauty staple as we feel beautiful and confident when we wear it. It allows us to emphasize our best features and hide our least flattering ones. Meanwhile, cosmetics are difficult to find when they are stored in old shoe boxes or cluttered closets. So we need a makeup box to tidy it up.

3. Types of cosmetic packaging box

Using a cardboard shell combined with a corrugated structure, paperboard cosmetic packaging provides superior shock, vibration, and particle protection. As a biodegradable product, cardboard breaks down naturally in landfills.

1) Integrated folding sealing box

Mainly used for small items such as lipstick, nail polish, and eyeshadow. They save shipping and storage space and help save materials in production because they don’t require any glue or extra parts to hold them together, so there is less waste in the overall process. Although they look neat and attractive, the fact that they do not need to be assembled means that their contents are less protected.

2) Two-piece folding and sealing box

Used in various cosmetic packaging. The folding process is a bit time-consuming. But provide better protection because extra flaps or layers can be added to wrap the product for added security.

3) Set of three pieces

Perfume bottles, hair bottles, and facial moisturizers usually use this type of packaging. After the contents are inserted, two substrates are glued together. In comparison with other types of boxes, this method adds extra support and stability.

4) different types of cards in cosmetic packaging boxes

There are four types below:

  • 17.2pt advanced whiteboard
  • 19.2pt high-quality white cardboard
  • 19.2pt high-quality metalized paperboard
  • 18pt brown kraft cardboard

5) Size of cosmetic packaging boxes

Coatings, laminates, and other add-ons can produce different results. A cosmetic box’s size is another key consideration. An incorrectly sized box will prevent the product from being installed; meanwhile, a large box will cause the product to move inside and damage it if it is fragile.

You can have inserts added to the box to enhance the security of the contents. Thankfully, there are now customized, personalized cosmetic boxes that can help with this. There are a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, so there is something to suit your needs.

Size of cosmetics packaging boxes

4. Benefits of buying custom cosmetic box packaging from us

There are seven benefits of buying custom cosmetic box packaging below:

1) Unlimited customization

Customization is possible for almost every aspect of your cosmetic or gift box. You will enjoy receiving beauty boxes made with sturdy materials and logos of every size, shape, and pattern.

2) Wide range of applications

Perfect for showcasing, packaging, shipping, and selling your creams, eyelashes, eye shadows, lipsticks, skincare, and makeup products.

3) Solid structure

Robust materials, premium workmanship, and advanced technology ensure superior quality always able to handle wear and movement. The product is guaranteed to be free from any harm at all times.

4) Multiple styles

Various shapes, sizes, and features to choose from cube, cylinder, rectangle, cable, pyramid, pie, heart, diamond, lid and bottom, magnetic, color palette, etc.

5) Reliable OEM/ODM services

Free samples before mass production, responsive online customer support, timely delivery, and responsible after-sales service.

6) Easy to assemble

You can easily assemble or disassemble each luxury makeup case without easy damage, saving your working time and labor costs.

7) Best price

We offer the best wholesale prices for customized cosmetic containers, providing the best customized product solutions to help customers save money and time.

100% recycled and eco-friendly – Reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable paper as a material, is environmentally friendly, and healthy for users.

Cosmetics Packaging Boxes

5. Conclusion

Overall, creating the perfect cosmetic packaging requires a lot of research, thought, and time. This is an in-depth process that must take into account many interrelated aspects. Each product requires its own packaging, which should be designed on a case-by-case basis. In light of this, the packaging for an ideal cosmetic product should include both design considerations and non-design considerations.

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