There isn’t much difference between a humidor and a cigar packaging solution. Packing cigars usually involves sending cigars to a packing machine that holds the cigar rack securely in place to move them after the cigar-making process is complete. When choosing these large rolls of cigars, there are several options in the box including paper folds, small cardboard boxes, or stylish humidor shell boxes.

In contemporary times, the latest trends are always in vogue. Those who want to stay ahead of their peers and not be left behind by society as a whole should follow this guide.

1. Humidor VS. Cigar Packaging: definition

The following is the definition difference between humidor and cigar packaging.

1) Humidor

Humidors are the perfect place to store valuable cigarettes. It is made from cedar, a Spanish variety with a lovely texture and delicate texture. These will effectively protect your valuables and keep them fresh, creating a healthy smoking atmosphere.

Humidors can be made from any type of wood, but some types are more popular than others. For example, eucalyptus and boxwood are used in many cases as substitutes for the original material, when it is recolored or scented to better match its appearance.

2) Cigar packaging solutions

When buying or selling humidors, cigars are sold in a gorgeous kraft appearance, and over the centuries, many designs and patterns have been proposed for cigars according to trends and norms. In addition, they are also sold accordingly over time. There is no need for people to look for where to buy a humidor. Because cigars are popular in society. The same is true today, as people love their wide selection and more dynamic packaging. Whether you smoke regularly or occasionally, you always prefer quality over quantity because numbers don’t matter, but what you like the most is the visual presentation and flavor.

For example, I have a client who is a warehouse guardrail manufacturer. He also likes to smoke cigars. He told me that sometimes, regardless of the quality of the cigar, he is attracted to the unique and vibrant cigar packaging. Unique packaging will arouse people’s desire to buy. This shows the importance of cigar packaging.


2. Humidor VS. cigar packaging: style

The following is the style difference between humidor and cigar packaging.

1) Common humidor style

There are several different types of humidors with the following characteristics.

  • It is a humidor with a sliding or rotating lid. The most popular sizes are 25 and 50 cigar racks, and some people choose smaller or larger models depending on their preference.
  • Three layers and eight or nine humidors are often referred to as “8-9-8”. The box’s 8, 9, and rounded edges number each cigar individually.
  • Horizontal top or 13 layers, two layers, bottom 12 layers, and middle 13 layers.
  • There are two layers of pressed cigars in the box, the same number and evenly distributed.
  • In the design, meaning and meaning of the humidor, artistry, and complexity are evident. Therefore, this craft is a collector’s item, as it demonstrates the company’s expertise in the boxes and designs printed on the boxes.

Packing cigars usually means that when they are finished and forwarded to the packer, the packing union keeps them safe and transports them safely. When choosing these large rolls of cigars, there are a variety of options in the box to best suit your needs.

In addition, a humidor is a great way to store and protect your valuables. The packaging ranges from small packages of paper folded to cardboard boxes that hold cigars during transport.

Packed in paper and cardboard, cigars are sealed for long-term use. Boxes can conveniently pack products, but over time they will not provide security as they can crack or damage from dampness, damaging your cigars.

2) Cigar packaging style

Available in a variety of colors and sizes, cigar wrappers are very attractive to buyers who can find them in any market. It’s your way of showing off to others and celebrating all the moments in your life in style.

Over the years, cigar brands have adapted and changed with each new packaging trend. These cigar wrappers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any taste preference.

Over time, the demand for personalized cigar packaging has never been higher. With this trend in society and the multiple options offered by online retailers, people can easily find what they need.

cigar packaging

3. Humidor VS. cigar packaging: design

The following is the design difference between humidor and cigar packaging.

1) Stunning humidor packaging design

Designing cigar packaging for new products is never easy. It takes creativity, experience, and precision to ensure that every step of production runs smoothly without any glitches or errors.

A product’s packaging design can make or break it. The right look will help you stand out from your competitors and create an emotional connection with your customers, extending the sales cycle. We are looking for different styles of humidor designs and ideas to suit your brand.

#1. How does a humidor leave an impact?

It’s rare to differentiate your brand by a box that makes an impact on your customers, but it can be done. Companies use boxes as proof of customer reliability and trustworthiness.

So when you have a message that says “Made in Cuba” or contains other specific information about the content, such as weight distribution, people will know exactly how much they are getting without having to open another package.

The display also conveys the quality of how high or low the actual final price of something is. Because most people judge first by appearance.

2) Stylish cigar packaging design

In fact, cigar packaging solutions contains humidor, and there are several design packages:

cigar packaging

#1. Natural-looking humidor

Minimalism has always ruled the market, and in 2021, minimalist products will continue to be popular because they are both attractive and simple, giving you aesthetic appeal in the market.

The color of your company logo is crucial because it will define the look and feel of the brand you want. It’s a good idea to choose neutral tones like brown and green for your humidor so that no other colors in the design are overwhelmed by them.

#2. Smooth texture

It’s crucial to make your product feel as if it was made for a specific purpose. Many companies do this by using textured packaging and adding a delicate touch, such as a smooth or embossed surface, that will attract purchases with refined taste.

#3. Modern art

An illustration is an art form that has been developed over the centuries by cultures around the world. It is now recognized for its creativity and ability to tell stories in ways that words don’t always do justice.

In this day and age, many companies see illustration as a tool they can use when marketing their brands – to attract new customers through creativity while still appealing to older generations with timeless cigars.

The latest trend in the current design is boxes equipped with interesting works of art. Often, these have bright colors or expressive silhouettes to have the greatest impact. The future of packaged art will be more interactive. For example, through graphic design and modern illustrations, we will see creative artwork everywhere.

#4. Vintage humidor

Combining traditional and modern elements, this design can be applied to the nicotine industry or other industries due to its flexibility. This trend combines fonts with colors used for packaging and vintage design tropes that appeal to many people.

For a more old-fashioned feel, use pastel colors. Add some white to the color palette to add a touch of nostalgia.

Vintage humidor

4. Conclusion

Make your product packaging as appealing to consumers as possible. After all, this is the first thing they see before opening the package! Ensure that sufficient time is allocated for quality designs that involve a lot of resources so that the result is both aesthetically pleasing and high-quality.

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