The cannabis industry has a sustainability problem. While activists have fought to get accessible products, there are still areas of concern in legal markets. One of the most alarming is the waste caused by the emerging industry. In Company Weeks’ 2019 industry report, they estimate that the waste created by the CBD and recreational/medical marijuana industry exceeds 1 million tons in North America alone.

The paper tube made from recycled materials is the perfect solution for marketing and protecting CBD oil or hemp oil tincture bottles. Hopak Packaging’s experience in manufacturing, environmentally conscious solutions, and sophisticated factory capabilities give clients in the CBD industry the ability to scale their production with confidence.

H2 Hopak Packaging Cardboard Tube

The cardboard tube by Hopak Packaging is an elegantly designed biodegradable container made from 100% paper. Cannabis business owners can choose between multiple finishes, paper materials, and inserts to elevate their products in an eco-friendly package.

A cardboard tube used to package CBD oil is biodegradable, meaning if it doesn’t make its way to a recycling center, it will break down naturally in a landfill. The molecules in plastic don’t break down naturally. Packaging made from plastics isn’t considered to be biodegradable.

The CBD industry is incredibly crowded due to recent deregulations. Standing out from the rest of the businesses selling similar products is achieved by providing a superior product and exceptional marketing materials. Hopak Packaging can help CBD businesses differentiate their products from other companies by using high-quality, customizable packaging.

H3 Elevate Customer Experience

Hopak Packaging’s team of designers and engineers ensures that your product is ready for retail. The cardboard tube is the perfect way to communicate the CBD brand’s message through 100% customizable designs.

Most CBD companies use a flimsy cardboard box, providing little to zero protection and brand differentiation. Hopak Packaging’s paper tube packaging secures the glass tincture bottles, requiring less package filler when the product is sent directly to consumers.

Paper tube packaging is also a much more appealing option than the industry-standard cardboard box as far as usability. CBD consumers will want to actually use the packaging to store their product rather than throwing it away after the purchase. The cardboard tube serves as a carrying case for the CBD oil that can keep the product safe in a purse, backpack, or suitcase when they need are on the go.

H3 Unique Design

Full customization and a range of finishes allow cannabis brands to elevate the customer experience through a functional, unique, and eco-friendly solution. Product design is a great way to stand out and communicate how they produce exceeds the industry norm. CBD is an expensive commodity and deserves high-quality packaging to validate the high-price point further.

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