Struggling to find the right cannabis concentrate package? Don’t worry, in today’s guide, we’ll guide you on how to customize the right cannabis concentrate packaging. Read on for more information.

1. Why need custom cannabis concentrate packaging?

Cannabis concentrates are booming – and packaging options for cannabis concentrates are also. But cannabis concentrate is a sensitive product. Its packaging must be adequately cared for by FDA-approved laws.

Therefore, many cannabis merchants or farms look around for various glass and plastic concentrate containers to store stocks of cannabis concentrates and extracts. Such as crushed or waxed, from plastic to glass concentration jars, containers, boxes, and even bags.

Choosing the right container for new cannabis enrichment businesses and medical cannabis users can be difficult especially when all solutions have significant pros and cons. Don’t worry, we have cannabis and container experts who can help you make the right choice for your cannabis concentrate.

Cannabis Concentrate Packaging

2. What types of cannabis concentrate packaging are there?

There are some types of cannabis concentrate packaging below:

1) Container concentrate packaging

For sale and preservation, concentrates, including cannabis flowers, require special packaging. The same level of protection is required for medical marijuana. Concentrate packaging, if made of plastic or metal must keep the substance clean, strong, and safe.

2) Mylar bags

Very viscous cannabis concentrate can come in bags. Have you ever considered that plastic bags are an option if you want to bag your marijuana? Mylar is an excellent packaging material because it comes in a variety of colors and textures, including clear. In addition to this, Cannabis Packaging also offers bags with mylar or aluminum backs and clear mylar fronts. They allow you to see the contents as clearly as you would use a cup of concentrate in a jar.

A suitable concentration vessel or extraction tank can protect the product from harmful elements such as air and odor.

Buying a custom cannabis concentrate box to showcase cannabis concentrate and cannabis concentrate or e-cigarettes has great appeal, elegance, and glamour to attract the largest number of customers. They’re great for making your various concentrations of cannabis concentrates more visible on display shelves and differentiating them from others to catch the eye of your customers.

Cannabis Concentrate Packaging-01

3. Which boxes are customizable?

Customize your cannabis concentrate box by choosing your preferred box shape from squares, rectangles, cubes, and more to give your cannabis concentrate a superior and unique look. Choose the box style that best suits your cannabis concentrate from a two-piece, sleeves, windows, folding ends, automatic bottoms, and more to enhance its look and add convenience to your customers. Choose from small, medium, and large box sizes, or specify the exact size of your cannabis concentrate for a perfect fit.

Customize cannabis concentration boxes to attract potential buyers and showcase your pharmaceutical products on pharmacy shelves.

In today’s competitive market, every cannabis product supplier wants to showcase their medicinal crushed, crushed, distilled, and other cannabis concentrates in this packaging to send a positive message to onlookers and attract the attention of potential buyers. Personalized cannabis enrichment boxes with variant symbol prints and attractive designs are perfect for letting you do all of this while earning you a separate identity.

These boxes can be customized on demand to package and display your hemp and CBD crystals, dry sieves, buds, and other cannabis concentrates.

If you want to make your cannabis concentrate packaging more eye-catching and establish a specific brand identity in the market, we work with you to decorate the visual aspects of the box you want, leaving a lasting impression on the shelf.

With custom cannabis enrichment boxes printed by our experts, you can stand out from the competition and expand your business.

Among the various hash oils, oils, and tinctures, many cannabis concentrates are overlooked in pharmacies due to their plain and plain packaging. Providing the right packaging for your cannabis concentrate is essential.

Cannabis Concentrate Packaging-02

4. Why choose custom concentrate packaging?

There are many packaging options for concentrate packaging. Why do we recommend starting with an enrichment box? There are 3 main reasons.

Firstly, custom printing cartons are inexpensive. Especially for startups, price is always important for brands and companies.

According to your different requirements, the price of beautifully printed cartons is more economical and cost-effective. It can satisfy 95% of customers.

Secondly, the carton is easy to customize. Even if you have no experience with packaging, you can put your design on a box template and show the printing effect, saving you a lot of time if you don’t have a lot of time to budget for the packaging.

Last but not least, the boxes have almost no limits when it comes to customization. You can adapt most finishes to the carton. For example, soft-touch coatings, glossy or matte lamination, window restoration, embossing and embossing, and adding hangers or cutouts of any size to make your box stand out.

  • Application: CBD/THC wax container tank, drip tube
  • Surface treatment options: embossed/dented; gloss lamination/matte lamination; Gold and silver gilding

5. What makes a good container for concentrate?

Glass. Due to the natural impermeability of glass, a quality glass concentration container will protect the product from odors and light transmission. but, it is fragile, so custom-printed concentrated containers are the easiest-to-use hemp wax concentrate packaging solution.

Whether your concentrate is stored in glass jars, silica gel containers, or any material. Custom-printed cartons with paper inserts will always provide simple and secure packaging for your wax containers.

Cannabis Concentrate Packaging

6. Conclusion

The impact of cannabis products is evident in many ways, and the popularity and share of sales of the business have grown since they were legalized and distributed in the market.

The importance of exclusive premium concentrated packaging in the popularity of such retail chains is also obvious. To provide our customers with quality and powerful concentrate packaging solutions.

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