Top 9 Paper Tube Manufacturers In China

There are many packaging manufacturers in China, including paper tube packaging. The environmental protection and practicality of paper tube packaging make it used in various packaging applications. In today’s guide, we will introduce the top 9 paper tube packaging manufacturers in China.

1. What is a paper tube?

Paper tubes, cardboard tubes, or paper cores are cylindrical structures made from multiple layers of paper. They are hollow tubular shapes, usually with closed ends. Paper tubes have different uses in different industries. Their structural integrity, lightweight, and versatility make them ideal for these applications. It is one of the most popular cylindrical packaging items.

Spiral winding is used to manufacture these tubes. This is where the paper layers are wrapped around a mandrel or center core. These layers are bonded together to form a strong and rigid structure called a paper tube. Cardboard tubes come in different layers, and the paper has different thicknesses. This […]