Each country and region has its own rules for packaging cannabis and CBD products. Some manufacturers require the support of packaging suppliers experienced in the cannabis and CBD markets. Because packaging suppliers have industry experience, they can help create optimal, compliant packaging.

In today’s guide, we’re going to talk about custom cannabis packaging. If you want to choose the right hemp or CBD packaging supplier for your product, consider these 6 key points. Read on to learn more.

1. Sourcing CBD packaging from overseas

Remember: The source of the materials and packaging you purchase can have a direct impact on your business. This is because expensive shipping and international shipping challenges can lead to lost sales and revenue. Therefore the source of packaging is important.

Additionally, the cannabis and CBD industries are emerging, and predicting demand is challenging. Therefore, you need a packaging supplier that can meet your needs quickly and without excessive shipping costs. A low minimum order quantity is also important.

Likewise, you don’t have to worry about long delivery times for packages that need to be transported long distances or go through customs to reach their destination. Shipping overseas can create a host of issues and costs, causing unnecessary delays and stress.

In other words, it’s best to source packaging from a cannabis packaging supplier familiar with international shipping. If you source packaging from overseas, make sure your packaging supplier works with a dedicated international shipping partner and submits the necessary documentation to the appropriate customs agency. This will avoid many unnecessary troubles and ensure the smooth progress of the purchase.

Sourcing CBD packaging from overseas

2. Strictly select materials for customized hemp or CBD packaging

Guaranteeing the qualification of the raw materials is the main requirement for any box you display to promote your products and business in the market. If you use substandard materials in your CBD packaging, we guarantee you that your sales will be cut in half compared to your competitors.

The reason is that CBD products are expensive and if you don’t display them effectively, customers won’t notice and buy them. Therefore, we recommend that CBD products be packaged using only corrugated paper, eco-friendly kraft paper, or cardstock. This not only ensures customers can use it with confidence but also promotes environmental sustainability.

materials for customized hemp or CBD packaging

3. Customization and printing options for cannabis packaging

To win in the market, your cannabis or CBD product packaging must use custom printing and labeling. Reflect your brand in a way that sets your brand apart from your peers and meets all regulatory requirements.

We recommend that you choose a packaging supplier with experience and expertise in the cannabis and/or CBD industry. Or hire a company with expertise in packaging design, prototyping, and every step of customization and production. and provide customers with flexible and excellent customer service.

custom printing and labeling

4. Supply chain and logistics for custom cannabis packaging

How long does it take for you to receive your package? This is every customer’s biggest concern. To shorten the time it takes for your customers to receive their goods, you need to work with suppliers who have fast turnaround times and delivery times.

For example, when you have to wait for shipment from an overseas location, your turnaround and delivery times will be longer. Given this situation, delays can be reduced if you work with a domestic supplier.

Additionally, manual delays and process/operational delays are always unavoidable. You should have a clear understanding of the following issues. How many employees are responsible for setting up packaging and putting products into packages? How many different employees or teams of employees are involved in the design and production of the packaging? Are some processes outsourced to third parties?

The more people involved, the more complex the logistics, labor, and processes involved in creating, producing, and delivering packaging become. It’s best to choose a supplier that can simplify everything to reduce the chance of problems, delays, and errors.

Factors to consider to simplify the logistics of custom cannabis packaging

5. Sustainability of custom CBD packaging

People and the planet are hyper-focused on cannabis culture, so it makes perfect sense to deliver your products in sustainable packaging. Especially for disposable packaging, it should adopt sustainable packaging. Because disposable packaging adds a large amount of non-degradable waste to landfills and oceans, thereby exacerbating environmental pollution.

Sustainable packaging doesn’t have to be expensive, but it can help your brand stand out to consumers. Sustainable packaging not only gives your company a reputation, but it’s also good for consumers. So choose a packaging supplier that offers affordable, sustainable packaging options.

More often than not, don’t just trust a supplier when they say their packaging is sustainable. It’s best to do your own research to make sure the CBD packaging is made from truly recycled materials. These materials are renewable if recycled correctly.

Sustainable CBD packaging

6. Comply with state cannabis packaging regulations

Packaging requirements for cannabis and CBD products vary by country and region. It is crucial to work with a packaging company that understands the laws that apply to your business and has systems in place to meet your current and future requirements.

The key is to ensure that packaging companies are nimble enough to change their processes and operations to be able to respond adequately as states change cannabis and CBD packaging laws. It is a fact that these laws do change over time and will continue to do so. Changes must also be possible with your packaging supplier.

Choosing the right packaging supplier for your cannabis or CBD products is a critical decision that shouldn’t be made quickly. By talking to the company and verifying their experience and expertise before signing any contract, you can make an informed choice. So that your packaging can be delivered when you need it, without incurring additional costs that reduce profit margins.

cannabis packaging regulations

7. Conclusion

Product packaging is an important measure to increase brand awareness. Your packaging is the first thing your customers will remember about your brand when they buy your product. So if you want to find a good hemp or CBD packaging supplier, this article will help! If you are looking for custom cannabis packaging, please contact Hopakpackaging for a consultation.

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