This is a customer who saw our packaging products take the initiative to add Skype on Instagram at the beginning of 2020. He wanted to change the current packaging and asked for a quotation. At that time, we did not quote immediately but asked the customer if he could send the product, and we provided customized solutions for the customer.

1. Customized solution recommendation

Received the old packaging and product from the customer. The product is a feminine cleaning bottle that replaces toilet paper. The old packaging is a softbox, which does not show the characteristics and quality of the product. The customer requested that consumers see the nozzle and put the cloth bag and instructions inside. First of all, according to the customer’s bottle, find the right size, the diameter should not be too large, otherwise, the bottle will shake in the jar. Secondly, to show the characteristics of the finished product, a window can be opened on the tank body, but considering the cost, we choose to use PET plastic tubes. Finally, there are fixed accessories, which are cloth bags and instructions. You can use rubber bands to tie the bottle, cloth bag, and instructions together, which can not only play a fixed role but also facilitate consumers to pick up.

Case diagram for customer reference

Case diagram for customer reference

Use the existing sample to make a white sample for customer reference

Use the existing sample to make a white sample for customer reference

2. Cooperation process

The customer confirms the plan and pays for proofing. The customer confirms the final size, and we send him the drawing of the knife line for him to make a drawing.

Cooperation process

After adjusting the drawing, we customized the template according to the original plan.

customized template

After receiving the samples, the customer was very satisfied with the appearance and quality of the paper cans but said that the bottles would shake inside and asked us to improve them. So we made a paper circle stuck in the middle of the bottle to fix the bottle without exceeding the customer’s budget. Finally, the customer decided to place a trial order of 2,500 sets of paper cans.

3. Production Process

Material preparation

Material preparation

Automatic bending machine bending

Automatic bending machine bending

Assembly line production

Assembly line production

Hygienic inspection to avoid foreign matter such as dirt and dust.

Hygienic inspection

Customers send us the bottles, and workers pack them into finished products.

finished products



4. FAQ

Q: Can we refund the sample cost?

A: The sample cost will be refunded when the quantity amounts to 20000 pieces.

Q: Does the quote include my own design printing on the tube?

A: Yes, it includes custom printing. We’ll give your custom packaging solution a nice finish.

Q: Can I have multiple artworks in one order?

A: Sure, it’s available, we provide printing imposition.

Q: How can I have a prototype and how many days?

A: Before you have your prototype, you will have a die-out for your own design if you need it, which is supplied by us.
We get your design file in AI/PDF/CDR to print, around 5-7 days it will be finished.

Q: What is the pricing including?

A: You will get ex-work, FOB, and CIF prices in USD, which depends on your requirements. Printing, tubes, and packing carton boxes are included in the quote.

Q: Can I pay via PayPal?

A: We only accept PayPal payment of sampling, but not for bulk orders.

Q: Any insert options you provide?

A: Yeah, there are some insert options for your reference.

Reference example

Q: How can I finish the artwork based on your tube?

A: The dieline/template file will be submitted to you, which is appropriate information for our machine.

Q: What type of file do you require for printing?

A: AI or PDF will be better, which is outlined(cranked).

Q: What do you mean by digital printing? Do I need it?

A: Digital printing is commonly used for testing printed artwork and layout, great for sampling, which is cost-effective.

Q: What’s the lead time if I place an order?

A: It’s around 15-20 days, depending on the actual production schedule.

Q: Do you provide a shipping service, and how much is it?

A: Regularly we offer ex-work(not including courier fees) prices, but if you need the shipping cost, we can quote it to you for reference, and arrange the shipping for you.

Shipping cost depends on some factors, like volume, the way of shipping, by air or by sea.

5. Summarize

How to get orders and maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with customers.

First. We are an experienced paper product packaging manufacturer, focusing on producing high-quality packaging products for more than 10 years. We attach great importance to the needs of customers and will try our best to provide the best packaging solutions. We have unique insights into packaging design and can quickly provide effective suggestions to customers.

second. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we will customize a free white sample according to the customer’s product, and provide the most suitable packaging solution according to the customer’s budget and requirements. Our design team has the creativity and expertise to design unique and attractive packaging for your products.

third. In addition, we have rich export experience and can provide customers with various freight references to help them avoid unnecessary cost losses and save transportation costs.

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