Cardboard push-up tubes are an important part of any packaging industry. They can be used as stand-alone products or as part of a custom packaging order to accommodate additional items.

Cardboard push-up tubes come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common – they need to be imported from China. This blog post will explain the steps required to import push-up paper tubes and provide advice on how to simplify the import process!

1. What are cardboard push-up tubes?

These tubes have a suitable lid on top and a freely moving cardboard disc at the bottom pushed up. Apply to lip balm and some cosmetics.

paper tube packaging

2. Steps of importing cardboard push-up tubes from China

First, you can find a reliable Chinese paperboard packaging supplier on Ali or Google. Doing some research to see what types of push-up tubes are available. If there aren’t many options in one place, go to another search engine, like Ali or Google!

Finally narrow down your options until you only have one left, check out their website for more information about where they ship to and reviews left by customers who have purchased from them before you – this can give you an idea of whether it’s worth buying.

Secondly, understand your budget for this project and the timeline you need, and contact the supplier to find out the cost of the project and the production lead time. You also need to know if they offer any customization or design options. This will help you decide what type of paper tube you want.

Thirdly, get a sample order to test the quality of and cardboard tube. Before placing a large order, order samples from your supplier. This will allow you to test the quality of your products, the biodegradable cardboard packaging, and shipping costs.

Some sellers only provide samples of a specific size, so if this is your first time importing cardboard tubes from China, please place a small order before committing to a larger order to reduce the loss of time and more money.

Fourthly, you should also be aware of the minimum order quantity required for the order. Many companies require a minimum quantity of 10,000 pieces before producing an order. Understandably, this is higher than most buyers want to order, but if you’re looking for a large selection of paper tubes, you can find them here.

Finally, determine the most cost-effective shipping method that suits your needs. If you import eco-friendly lip balm paper tubes from China, the best shipping method depends on the number of materials imported and the shipping time you need.

If your shipment is small or needs to arrive quickly, DHL is the best option. If your shipment is large or needs to be delivered slowly, sea freight is a better option.

Cardboard Push-up Tubes

3. What should I pay attention to when importing eco-friendly paper tubes from China?

The first thing is to find a reliable supplier to work with. This means checking reviews from different suppliers and getting sample orders to test quality and tubes before placing a big order.

You also need to know the budget and timeline for your project, as these affect what type of paper tubes you can buy. It’s also important to check with your suppliers to ensure you know the minimum quantity requirements and if they offer any customization or design options.

The main thing to remember is that if you are not sure about something, never buy it blindly. If you have any doubts, don’t buy them! If possible, you can also try contacting the supplier directly instead of through an agency to make it easier to talk to them.

In addition, Prepare an accurate list of product specifications, including dimensions and weight. Create a schedule with deadlines for all steps in the import process – this will help you stay on track and avoid delays. Choosing the shipping company you want to use, which is based on rates, reliability, and customer reviews.

4. FAQs of imported cardboard tubes from China

The following are common questions about imported cardboard tubes from China.

1) What is the difference between paper push-pull tube packaging and other types of packaging

Push-up paper tubes are often used for packaging materials when the inner contents are paper, cardboard, or metal. Paper tubes can be made from a single paper sleeve, glued to a single cardboard tube, or made from two paper sleeves bonded to each other.

The most important difference between paper tubes and other types of packaging is the ability to provide the contents of the tube without opening it. The type of biodegradable packaging that is best for your product will depend on what type of product it is and what you want to do with that packaging. Examples: lip balm, lipstick, deodorant, etc.

Cardboard Push-up Tubes

2) How to compare the price of paperboard packaging in China

Before making a final decision, you can request samples from multiple suppliers and compare prices.

Find a reliable paperboard packaging supplier with experience exporting to your country There are many different eco-friendly paper tube packaging suppliers on the internet, but not all of them can meet your needs. Looking for a reliable lip balm tube packaging supplier with experience in exporting products?

3) What are the differences and advantages of importing packaging from China and India?

The difference between importing from China and importing from India depends on your needs. If you need to get a lot of high-quality packaging at a low price, then it is better to import from China.

However, it is best to import from India if you need less or higher quality packaging with more colors and shapes.

4) What information or license do I need to obtain before ordering a product?

To import products, you must have the appropriate licenses. Different products have different licenses depending on what they are considered to be. The license can be a raw material or a finished product. The government controls the import and export of materials to maintain economic stability.

Some examples of items that require a license to import into the United States include gold, tobacco, diamonds, military equipment, or foods that may contain allergens or diseases, which may be prohibited from sale here. Have all the necessary permits so that they can go through customs smoothly.

5) How can I solve any problems during production or transportation?

Contact the supplier promptly, they can provide a reliable solution. For example, if a batch does not meet standards or has quality issues, the supplier should handle it by arranging for it to be removed from the production line and sent for a replacement batch.

6) What do you need to do once the item arrives at your warehouse?

Once the items arrive, you need to thoroughly inspect them for defects before selling. If any defect is found, you should notify the supplier and request a refund or replacement.

Cardboard Push-up Tubes

8. Conclusion

With the popularity of paper tubes, paper packaging will become an excellent environmentally friendly alternative to plastic packaging. More and more companies are looking to import paper tubes from China and other parts of Asia. The process of importing this product is straightforward, anyone can do it, and you can choose a reliable supplier.

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