If you want to import eco-friendly cardboard deodorization pipes from China, then here comes the right place. In this article, we will guide you through the whole process of importing these paper tubes, from finding a supplier to shipping them to your doorstep. We’ll also provide tips on how to save money and avoid common pitfalls. Let’s get started!

1. What is a cardboard deodorant tube?

It is a paper tube made of eco-friendly biodegradable cardboard, non-toxic material, with sustainable packaging. By twisting the round label at the bottom, the paste inside the tube will be pushed out. Next, let’s look at the process of importing deodorant paper tubes from China.

Cardboard Deodorant Tubes

2. The process of importing cardboard deodorant tubes from China

The process of importing deodorizing paper tubes from China can be divided into six steps.

A. Find suppliers. You can find suppliers by searching online or contacting trade organizations in China. Or look for a professional China sourcing agent to help you purchase from China.

B. Get a quote. Once you’ve found a supplier, get a quote for your import costs. This will depend on the supplier you choose and the shipping method you use.

B. Proofing: Once the details and price are confirmed, start proofing, and wait until the sample is confirmed to confirm whether mass production is required.

D. Payment: Ensure payment for orders before shipment.

E. Mass production: Once the sample is confirmed, the supplier will mass produce according to the sample.

F. Shipping: Upon receipt of payment, the goods will be delivered to your doorstep. The mode of transportation varies depending on the place of arrival, with air and express delivery to the doorstep, and sea freight only to the destination port.

Tips: The best way to get deodorizing paper tubes from China is to use some type of box. These boxes have markings indicating their design size paper tubes, so you can avoid receiving the wrong product and wasting return shipping

Second, look for companies with industry experience. These types of goods can be transported safely without any problems.

Cardboard Deodorant Tubes

3. Advantages of importing cardboard deodorant tubes from China

In addition to saving costs, it also supports bulk purchases, which can target different customer groups and meet the different needs of customers. Many people may think that buying such goods online is more cost-effective or environmentally friendly because they don’t have the shipping costs of buying something else abroad and then shipping the product back home. But this is not the case, all expenses are budgeted.

Import of deodorant paper tubes from China has the following advantages:

1) Low cost

Because they are manufactured specifically for our needs and can be produced at a lower price than local manufacturing

2) High-quality products

This is an important factor in any business that involves the use or handling of raw materials

3) Fast turnaround time

Less to be processed compared to other manufacturers.

4) Multiple options

Custom type, color, etc.

5) Environmental protection

Zero waste and reduced carbon footprint.

4. How to choose empty cardboard deodorizing material? 

There are several things to consider when choosing a paper tube material type for your product. The most important factors to consider are the durability and strength of the material, as well as its resistance to moisture and other elements. Additionally, the BPA-free feature is a must.

Next, the cost and availability of the material, as well as its environmental friendliness, should also be considered. Some materials, such as aluminum, are more expensive but more durable and corrosion-resistant. Other materials, such as paper, are less expensive but easily damaged. When choosing a paper tube material, it is important to find a balance between durability and affordability. In addition, some materials may be more harmful to the environment than others. Before making a decision, it is important to study the environmental impact of different materials.

Cardboard Deodorant Tubes

5. FAQs

The following are frequently asked questions about importing cardboard deodorant tubes from China.

1) How do I import them from China and what are the costs?

Generally, in addition to the order fee, some port fees, document fees, etc. are included. Late fees will also be incurred if the goods arrive by sea without a pickup.

2) How do you import empty cardboard deodorant containers from China and what costs are involved?

To import deodorant paper tubes from China, you need to find a supplier. You can find suppliers by searching online or contacting trade organizations in China. The cost of importing these tubes will depend on the supplier you choose and the shipping method you use. However, you can expect to pay around $0.50-0.60 per tube, plus incidentals like shipping.

3) What are the benefits of using deodorant paper tubes compared to traditional plastic or metal tubes?

The main benefits of using deodorizing paper tubes are environmental sustainability and cost savings. Deodorizing paper tubes are made of environmentally friendly, non-toxic materials. They are also cheaper to produce than traditional plastic or metal pipes. The use of metal tubes is not conducive to recycling, and they are more expensive than paper tubes.

4) What other tubes can be manufactured?

The most popular are the lip balm packaging, and push-up design – creating an amazing product that environmentally conscious people will love the same kind that they often buy together.

Cardboard Deodorant Tubes

5) What are the printing methods?

The most common printing methods are CMYK and Pantone printing. CMYK is a subtractive color model that uses four inks to create a range of colors. Pantone is a color-matching system that uses a specific set of colors to match the desired color. Professionally, Pantone colors are more beautiful than four-color printing.

6) Do paper tubes need surface treatment?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question – it depends on what you want to achieve with a deodorizing paper tube. If you want them to have a glossy finish, you need to finish them. If you’re happy with a more natural look, then you don’t need to do anything.

7) How is quality control performed?

The supplier will have a professional quality control department to inspect the goods according to AQL standards. If you don’t want to use the supplier’s QC team, you can hire a third-party team to inspect the goods yourself.

8) How to deal with paper humidity?

Moisture can cause the paper to curl, yellow, and/or swell. To avoid this, we arrange the paper tubes neatly and send them to a special room to air dry. The curl caused by humidity is usually very aesthetically pleasing, so we must learn how to maintain the quality appearance of the paper in the best way

9) How to pack the tube so that it will not be damaged during transportation?

They can be packed in cardboard boxes with packaged peanuts or bubble wrap to protect them from damage.

10) How to store the pipes upon receipt?

Although it is somewhat waterproof, it is safest to keep it in a dry environment

11) How to properly label to ensure smooth customs clearance?

Stick “dental floss” or other harmless items on boxes according to your standards and safety regulations for quick customs inspection and clearance.

Cardboard Deodorant Tubes

6. Conclusion

If you are looking for eco-friendly packaging options, our deodorant tubes are made of recyclable materials, so it feels good to use them. In addition, our sleek and modern design will help your products stand out from the competition.

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