When we think of packaging, a box or a bag usually comes to mind. Rather than betting on the most traditional types of packaging, think outside the box. If you’re considering tube packaging as an option, you may find the inspiration you’re looking for.

1. What is tube packaging?

Tubular packaging boxes, also known as cylindrical cartons, paper cans, round box packaging, and cylindrical boxes, are composed of three parts: end caps, cylindrical bodies, and cylindrical bottoms. This gift box is spherical, which is different from ordinary gift boxes. In the field of paper packaging, paper tube packaging is a modern trend. It is becoming more and more popular and attractive to clients from all over the world. 

In addition, during transportation and storage, paper tube packaging can provide perfect protection for customers’ items from damage or defects. Due to the rigid paper of the tube packaging, it will be very strong and lightweight, making shipping easier and more efficient.

Tube Packaging

2. Why do you need tubes?

When it comes to catching the consumer’s eye, protecting the product, and boosting profits, the best way may be to look beyond traditional packaging. While bottles and jars make up the majority of the packaging market, our experience, and innovative eye have led us to share six reasons to consider tube packaging.

1) Consumer Convenience 

Tubes are easy to store and stow away, whether in a bag, in a toolbox, or in cabinets around the house. Then, when it’s time to use the product, the tube packaging makes dispensing incredibly easy: In most cases, consumers can simply flip the top over and squeeze with one hand.

2) Product Integrity

Tube packaging is cleaner and easier to use due to less guesswork for the consumer. Unlike jars, you don’t need to insert any fingers or utensils. This is good for the average consumer who doesn’t want to mess up, as well as protecting the ingredients and maintaining hygiene.

3) Active ingredient protection

Using protective barrier features such as aluminate laminates or ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH), you can prevent the active ingredients of your product from attacking the packaging material.

4) Superior packaging decoration

The decoration and design of the tube packaging mean a lot to the product. There are good options for graphics and labels, including the ability to utilize complex designs. Using tube packaging can eliminate the need for individual labels, saving time and money by printing in-line at the time of manufacture.

5) Cost efficiency and manufacturing simplicity

It may seem like a novel idea, but unlike many other packaging solutions, tube packaging does not require a separate consideration of the closure component. In addition, shelf display boxes are not required, so shipping can be better optimized. Both of these advantages can have huge benefits for your bottom line.

6) Wide application

With the personalization and differentiation of cylindrical carton packaging and the global development trend of replacing plastic with paper, cylindrical carton packaging has attracted extensive attention from the market. In recent years, the application range of cylindrical carton packaging has been expanding, involving food, gifts, daily chemical products, electronic products, cosmetics, clothing accessories, and many other industries.

Tube Packaging

3. The advantages of tube packaging

Here are some benefits of tube packaging.

1) Safe for the environment

Paper tube boxes, like paper gift boxes, are made of an environmentally friendly material: cardboard. As we all know, paper materials are the most environmentally friendly. They are derived from nature and can be naturally decomposed after treatment without causing risks to the environment. Since paper tube packaging is made of paper, it has the environmental protection and safety characteristics of paper: it is a natural product that is easily decomposed and will not pollute the environment.

2) economical

Since the automation of tubular gift box packaging technology is higher than that of ordinary paper gift boxes, it requires less labor and the cost is 40% to 60% lower than that of paper special gift box bases. It is not always in the design of gift packaging; it can also be beer-shaped cardboard, sliding, hand folding, laminating, etc., as long as the custom paper diameter tube uses reusable high-quality paper tube equipment.

Compared with the traditional square gift box, it is also less difficult to assemble. Large quantities of adhesive sheets can be installed quickly and efficiently with the help of the machine. Tube packaging has a price advantage due to its industrial execution.

3) Wide range of uses

All kinds of packaging can benefit from cylindrical gift box packaging. Cosmetics, mobile phones, almonds, biscuits, food, round candle boxes, T-shirts, round pencil boxes, glass bottle boxes, fragile glassware, other electrical products, children’s game boxes, etc. can all be packaged in these boxes. Cylindrical box packaging offers a wide range of packaging matching targets due to the variety of sizes and configurations designed.

4) Lightweight and durable

Round boxes are lighter and easier to handle than tin boxes and other packaging materials. It is mainly supported by a strong paper core. It is strong and durable. During shipping, the product is well covered. Customers can store the boxes after use, reuse them, or store them at home.

5) Sustainability

Customers are becoming more environmentally conscious and practicing sustainability in the way they live their lives, including the way they buy.

Tube Packaging

4. Application of tube packaging

Tubing is ideal for a wide variety of products, spans multiple industries, and works with all types of brands. You may see more tube packages in various places, such as:

1) Personal care items (current example: ointments and lubricants)

Ointment tube packaging is a popular way of packaging and selling creams, gels, ointments, and other viscous liquids. Tube packaging is also used for solids as it provides a layer of protection for the solid, thus preventing the contents from breaking. 

While metal is common, the advent of plastic tubes has made it possible to pack more varied contents. However, since we now have collapsible aluminum tubes in different shapes and sizes, tubes are now used as packaging containers for many items.

2) Health and beauty products (current examples: body lotion and standing toothpaste tubes)

In the fashion/apparel industry, paper tube packaging is becoming more and more popular. T-shirts, underwear, socks, and other apparel are increasingly packaged in paper tubes. These clothes take up much less space when packaged in cardboard tubes. In addition, it provides excellent weather protection for clothing or whatever is inside the tube.

The packaging is very strong. Efficient and lightweight. This allows more garments to be carried in less space and the same amount of fuel, reducing the product’s environmental impact. These cardboard tubes provide attractive clothing packaging that can be stacked elegantly on shelves to attract more shoppers.

3) Foodstuffs (current examples: frostings, dressings, and pastes)

Tubes can be used to store everything from mayonnaise to mustard to energy gels and pate. It’s this convenience, availability, and efficiency that continues to fuel their worldwide popularity.

Mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, and other sauces can be easily stored in the tube. This is especially handy for eating out like picnics, as the tube packaging allows you to pack your items without taking up too much space. Plus, they can be easily squeezed out when needed, which is handy when dealing with concentrated slurries in tubes. We have seen some food products successfully packaged in tubes. 

Energy gels and pate are often sold in tubes. It is easy to store and eat them on the go. Tubes of bolognese last a long time in the freezer, and they’re a great option for those who like to keep some bolognese on hand for a quick snack or meal.

Another great use for tube packaging is for herbs and spices. For example, cilantro, garlic, and ginger are popular paste options that consumers prefer to use as alternatives to fresh-cut herbs and raw spices.

Tube Packaging

4) Household items (current example: adhesives and fillers)

Competition for consumer attention on new and existing home products and conveniences is intensifying. In the retail and online spaces, customers are quickly browsing available options to find products that meet their needs. However, when uncertainty exists, packaging can be a key influencing factor.

Tube packaging can be applied to household cleaners or candles. Cardboard tubes are environmentally friendly packaging, which can meet the customized needs of different industries for packaging. The flexibility of the tube allows for the creation of customizable packaging to suit the product. Additionally, the use of recyclable packaging also helps align products with today’s environmentally responsible buyers. 

5) Pharmaceutical products

When it comes to protecting delicate pharmaceuticals, choosing the right packaging is especially important, but also extremely difficult. With the right packaging solution, you can easily prevent damage or wear and tear – thus preparing your product for even the longest transport routes and the harshest storage conditions. Tube packaging can meet different standards in the medical industry, depending on the type of equipment it holds. Most importantly, it is safe and easy to operate.

5. The latest trend in tube packaging

Tube packaging is used in various fields. They are adaptable and can be used to package a wide variety of products. With the exponential growth of e-commerce, paper tube packaging is becoming more common and accepted around the world. Additionally, they are used to make subscription boxes for food, coffee, chocolate, cosmetics, and other products. The paper tube packaging design trend is changing. This blog post showcases some of the most popular paper tube packaging design trends.

1) Bold and bright colors

It is attractive to use bright colors. To make your merchandise stand out, consider using bright colors in your postal piping. The use of bright colors increases the visibility of the packaging from a distance. The packaging stands out on a busy supermarket shelf. It is also easier to identify when the box is brightly colored.

To make your package even more unique, add unique images and design elements. The brightly colored tubes are perfect for selling products during special seasons like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s. Bright and crisp colors and cardboard tube packaging are widely used by businesses to increase brand awareness and customer acceptance.

Tube Packaging

2) High-quality product packaging

Premium quality items are packaged in paper tubes. This type of packaging is usually used for special products such as premium teas, chocolates, cosmetics, etc. To generate a minimalist and handcrafted feel, the brand uses simple typography and colors on the packaging.

Consider using a bold color on a white or brown base for a livelier and eye-catching appeal. For a premium feel and look, an emerging trend is to use minimalist visual elements. Contribute to the formation of product specialization and promote it in the high-end market.

3) Food packaging design

Food packaging requires more prevention and care. Food must be kept in non-contaminating or spoilage-resistant materials. Some plastics used to package food can be dangerous if they come into contact with them. As a result, food can become contaminated and be dangerous to eat.

Inside the paper, the tube filler is a non-reactive paper liner. They don’t respond to packaged foods. This ensures the safety of packaged foods while also keeping them fresh and nutritious for human consumption. Because of this feature, paper tube packaging is widely used to package food all over the world.

4) Minimal Design Elements

One trend observed in cardboard tube packaging is the use of simple design details. In the packaging industry, companies have finally learned that simplicity is best. When there are few design components, cardboard tube packaging is often used.

Non-essential items are kept out of the packaging, resulting in a cleaner, uncluttered look. Typography and color take center stage in these minimalist design ideas. This helps to leave a stronger and more positive impression on potential customers. The clean design of the paper tube packaging elevates the packaging and provides a premium vibe to the product.

5) Unique items

Tube packs are becoming more popular every day. What’s more, companies are understanding the advantages of using it for packaging materials. As paper tube packaging becomes more and more common, it is also used to pack something unusual and unique.

For example, umbrellas are placed in paper tubes to optimize their beauty and appeal. It also supports the positioning of umbrellas among buyers as a more luxurious and refined item. Since paper tube packaging is economical, it has little effect on the final cost of goods. Therefore, you can use paper tube packaging to uniquely pack and arrange your goods at a low cost.

6) Abstract Design Patterns

Abstract design patterns and features are a common trend in tube packaging. The introduction of abstract designs and patterns enhances the beauty and elegance of the box. Such visual elements have more impact when used against a light background.

An emerging trend is the use of creative design patterns on basic backgrounds in pastels, nudes, tans, pinks, and more. These geometric designs give the box a softer, quirkier appeal. On the packaging, companies are also using simple pictures and slogans.

Make graphics cleaner, clearer, and easier to read by eliminating the three-dimensional aspect. This packaging design idea is based on paper tubes.

Tube Packaging

6. Common questions

There are some common questions about tube packaging.

1) What are the advantages of tube packaging for food?

Food tube packaging offers several benefits to food manufacturers and consumers:

  • Effectively blocks pollutants such as bacteria and oxygen. 
  • Prevent food from spoiling and maintain its freshness and flavor. 
  • Easy to store and transport, convenient for producers and consumers.

2) What to consider when buying a tube pack?

Customers have to choose the right packaging material manufacturing company to buy quality tube packaging. 

When looking for a reliable packaging material manufacturer, consider the following:

1) It is very important to choose the right packaging materials and products. If you want to pack, ship, or store fragile items like glass, or ceramics, you should invest in a durable tube packaging option. It will ensure that the products kept inside will not be damaged during long-distance storage or transportation. 

2) It is important to buy from a reliable, professional, and experienced tube packaging manufacturer. They understand that one size does not fit all, which is why they offer a range of products to suit businesses of all types, sizes, industries, and budgets. 

3) Buy tube packaging that has been tested for reliability. Before you buy, you can ask the manufacturer whether their products have undergone a series of reliability tests to assess the service life of the product. For example, I have a friend who is a walk in stability chamber manufacturer. He manufactures products specifically designed to assess a product’s tolerance to external environmental conditions and assess long-term performance under natural exposure, playing a vital role in identifying and correcting product defects.

Tube Packaging

7. Conclusion

The tubing market is facing competition with alternative packaging systems such as sachets, sachets, and packets. Tubes are a popular choice when a replacement is not needed. They are mainly chosen when the product is a paste or a viscous liquid, while they are not preferred in the case of liquid products.

Due to the simplicity of filling the contents into the tube and the ability to carry out all types of printing procedures at a lower cost, tubes are considered the best option for packaging products with pasty regularity. Furthermore, sustainable packaging is gaining market acceptance. 

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