If you are in the market for vape cartridge packaging, you are in the right place! In this blog post, we’ll discuss some solutions for your needs for vape pens and vape cartridge packaging. Vape pods are growing in popularity and it is important to ensure your packaging is on par with the competition.

All types of custom vape boxes will be discussed, from boxes and tubes to pouches and flip caps. Whether you’re just starting in the vaping industry or looking to update your current packaging, read on for some great ideas!

1. Vape pen box packaging

As small cigarette cartridges become more and more popular, the market for e-cigarette products is also growing. This is good news for smokers who are looking for exciting new e-cigarette products, but it also brings a new challenge: how to make your e-cigarette products safe and secure. E-cigarette pen packaging is one way to solve this problem. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using vape pen packaging and show you how to choose the right product according to your needs.

Vape Pens and Vape Cartridges Packaging

1) What is a customized e-cigarette packaging box?

Custom wholesale vape packaging boxes are boxes used to store various types of electronic cigarettes. It comes in individual boxes, kits, and customizable varieties. This type of packaging is great for keeping your e-cigarettes safe and secure.

2) What type of custom box is best for vape pens and kits?

There are different types of vape pod packaging solutions on the market, so it is very important to choose the right one for your product. Some of the most popular packaging types include individual cartridges, kits, and customizable varieties.

  • Single box – ideal for storing a single e-cigarette. They are small and lightweight.
  • Kits – store various types of vapes, such as vape ammunition pens and filters.

3) How to protect your custom-printed vape box from damage during shipping?

When transporting e-cigarettes, it is important to take measures to protect them from damage. One way is to use vape pen packaging. The pen provides a sturdy protective case for your e-cigarettes that protects them from bumps and abrasions. They are also a great way to organize and store e-cigarettes. Secondly, the packaging must be sealed and waterproof.

4) Tips for customizing a vape box to keep your vape pen supplies safe and secure

Thoughtfully packaging your vaping supplies will not only keep them safe. It also makes the packaging process easier.

Pack as their lives depend on it. We all know people who have given up e-cigarettes because of safety concerns – put yourself in those people’s shoes now so that there is no chance of an unexpected start; Don’t forget about items like charger cables/adapters (rechargeable), filters, etc. Make sure everything is safe, zip tightened, etc., and put them in their respective containers.

Vape Pens and Vape Cartridges Packaging

5) How to choose the right cartridge case?

There are a lot of different brands and styles, and each style of vape pen has different pros and cons, so it’s important to consider not only your personal preferences. There are other factors to consider before making your final purchase, such as the price range or how often you plan to use them.

When choosing electronic cigarette display box packaging, try to choose environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging. Next, you need to choose a portable hard case that is conducive to travel.

6) What are the different types of e-cigarette packaging currently on the market?

Here are the different types of e-cigarette packaging currently on the market.

#1. Suspension model

Easy to hang, classic design highlights beauty

#2. Drawer mode

Unique drawer opening method

#3. Ribbon type

Similar to the suspension function, convenient for hanging.

#4. Child-resistant triangle cartridge box

Another packaging option is the triangle cartridge box, especially for CBD cartridges with a viewing window.

#5. Child-protection hexagon cartridge box

  • Unique odd-shaped packaging, this hexagonal rigid box will bring an extra boost to your vape cartridge business.
  • Recycled cardboard construction
  • Paper materials.
  • Child protective cover included

#6. Safe joint pack child-protective cardboard preroll Box

  • Inspired by our CR-certified slider boxes, we created a pre-roll box for child protection.
  • Cardboard is recyclable; Paper inserts are designed for multiple pre-roll packaging
  • Accommodates multiple volumes

#7. Children’s e-cigarette cart hard box

The seventh is the children’s e-cigarette cart hard box.

#8. Cigarette cartridge packaging

This hard shell is suitable for cubic vaping carts. With their rectangular shape and child safety button lock, cardboard boxes add a stylish touch to your vape brand. Custom foam cutouts for vape carts of all sizes and capacities, unlimited customization with full-color printing, and special finishes.

#9. Safety cylinder CR box

This is a 2-piece paper tube with a simple but effective child safety locking mechanism. We added a button to the top of the paper tube. To accommodate the latch, we cut a hole in the tube body.

Packaging Vape Pens and Vape Cartridges

7) Custom printing boxes are important to ensure the safety of consumables

The packaging of these pens is very important to ensure that the e-liquid does not leak or be damaged in any way. The new generation of e-cigarette users often doesn’t realize that packaging has a big impact on whether they trust their supplies.

The peculiarity of these pens is that you do not want any old box, since even though at first glance it may look the same, there are still some nuances between the brand and the model, which means that the safety features of a pen are superior and will not work well with other models if their manufacturer does not take care in advance to ensure compatibility.

8) Key factors for choosing a custom vape pen case

There are many factors to consider when choosing an e-cigarette pen. You can choose metal, glass, or plastic; the size and shape (length) fit your hand but are not too big to fit in your pocket.

9) What are the best ways to keep custom vape pen cases safe?

Some of the best ways to keep your vape pens safe include using hard cases, travel cases, and locked-in storage containers. Your supplies will be protected from damage and theft with these. Make sure to keep your e-cigarettes and related supplies in safe places out of reach of children or pets.

10) What is the most important packaging you need for your vape pen?

Yes, you need something that can hold e-liquids and nebulizers. That’s why it’s important to find a pen case that’s both safe and reliable.

2. Vape cartridge packaging

E-cigarettes are a new and fashionable tobacco product used by modern smokers; the vapor industry has launched a variety of goods used by people all over the world. Keeping up with this trend, we offer best-in-class, customizable e-cigarette pod packaging solutions to suit your vaping needs.

E-cigarettes include steamed juice, e-liquid, etc., and the brand diversity is extremely strong. All vaping products need creative and modern packaging. We are the benchmark in the electronic cigarette industry, providing packaging boxes for electronic cigarette products in a variety of materials.

We have very intricately designed boxes; we can provide you with boxes in any shape, color, or design to suit your packaging needs.

1) What two conditions should be paid attention to?

Reliability and low cost are two things you need to run a successful business. But it’s hard to figure out which companies are selling quality boxes at low prices.

Every packaging company wants to expand its market. But we are very reliable and honest when it comes to consistency and price. Our goal is to do everything we can to make life easier for consumers.

90% of packaging companies hope to create more markets. We are very reliable and honest when it comes to consistency and pricing. As mentioned above, making it easier for consumers to use is our goal.

E-cigarettes have become a fad rather than their traditional smoking counterpart. This is why there is a huge demand for e-cigarettes and their pods in the market. We provide businesses with premium e-cigarette cart packaging for a better user experience.

Vape pod packaging looks great and keeps your product safe. Vapes consist of three main parts: a heating element, batteries, and replaceable cartridges. When an ink cartridge is used up, a new one must be replaced. Hence, there is a constant demand for vape cartridges, which creates the need for their packaging.

Pod packaging must be durable enough to prevent the pod from breaking, but at the same time, it must be aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, the design of e-cigarette pods needs to be carefully considered.

Our vape pod designers also need different templates to make their logo and iconic visual presentation. That’s why ink cartridge companies like us always strive to meet the needs of our customers.

We have been engaged in the ink cartridge packaging industry for a long time. That’s why we know e-cigarette packaging very well. In addition, our large customer base has provided us with many packaging ideas for pods.

Packaging Vape Pens and Vape Cartridges

2) Cartridge packaging

Ink cartridge packaging has become very popular due to the high demand for ink cartridges from customers.

Packaging that is both sturdy and attractive is always the best choice. Besides safety reasons, another important factor of any packaging is appearance. The appearance of a product greatly contributes to a customer’s perception of a particular product. Keeping this in mind, ink cartridge manufacturers use eye-catching packaging to attract a lot of attention to their products. For this, companies use various box designs, themes, images, and colors to make the cartridge packaging more attractive.

3) Cartridge packaging for e-cigarettes and CBD products

E-cigarettes and vaping products have become very popular recently. Therefore, e-cigarette manufacturers have a huge demand for pod packaging. The pods carry e-cigarette liquid and are replaced after use. Therefore, they must be replaced when worn out.

One problem with ink cartridges is that they are easily damaged. This is why ink cartridges need durable and strong packaging to ensure that the cartridges do not break. In this way, it is ensured that the ink cartridge will not be damaged during the selection process of the customer.

4) What materials do we provide to make custom vape bags?

We offer cardstock, vellum, and cardboard boxes. Each material has its advantages. For example, bleached cardstock may be the first choice for many. Some brands may prefer to use kraft paper because of its eco-friendly properties.

Vape cigarette cases can be made in any size and dimension. Ink cartridges vary in size and packaging. Therefore, any e-cigarette case company needs to provide multiple sizes of case bodies for its e-cigarette case series.

#1. Blank cartridge packaging

Blank ink cartridges are low-cost, simple blank ink cartridges with a plastic window on top. Additionally, this blank frame is available in black. These boxes come in different sizes. These boxes also have security features and are elegantly styled, making them ideal for marketing purposes.

#2. Cartridges with diagonal windows

Boxes are available in black and white blank colors with or without sloped plastic windows. Also, they are available in different sizes. To prevent damage, the boxes are available in a variety of colors such as shiny or gold.

#3. Cartridge and socket box

The box comes in two parts, a top cover and a slide-out cartridge tray that can also be used as a gift box. The boxes are known as sleeve boxes and are available in a variety of colors, white and brown cardboard material. In addition, a plastic window will be placed, making it a display box.

#4. Electronic cigarette cartridge slide box

The box contains an inner slider and an outer lid, but it doesn’t have any plastic windows on it. The box also offers security features and can be customized in a variety of colors and designs.

#5. Triangular cartridge

Most cartridges in this shape are made from coated art paper and recycled cardboard. We still have to insert a small foam insert (not as environmentally friendly as paper) as part of the childproof locking mechanism. We also now offer 100% paper inserts.

5) Material selection

There are five options:

  • Card
  • Wool
  • Corrugated paper
  • Stock
  • Print options

#1. Printing options

There are three options:

  • Tricolor
  • Warp management system
  • Finishing Options

#2. Surface treatment options

There are six options below:

  • Luster
  • Matte
  • Comfort
  • Soft touch
  • Spot UV
  • Metal foil

E-cigarettes and vaping are hot trends right now. This fad has resulted in high demand for e-cigarette cases. Various packaging boxes and customizations are available for your vaping products. These boxes are specially designed keeping all design factors in mind to give you the best possible packaging.

E-cigarettes and vaping products have become a major trend. People have switched from smoking to vaping. It is conceivable how many e-cigarette products have a place in the market. The proliferation of electronic cigarette products has led to a huge demand for electronic cigarette boxes in the market.

When you buy an off-the-shelf box, many times you have to compromise on the quality of the packaging or certain details. Custom packaging allows you to package without compromising quality and detail. We are proud to offer custom vape packaging such as vape cases, marijuana cases, vape pen cases, and more.

You can create the design you want for your vape cartridge. Materials, box types, sizes, printing, finishes, and many other customization options are available.

Packaging Vape Pens and Vape Cartridges

3. The 12 best options for packaging vape pens and vape cartridges

We’ll discuss the 12 best solutions for packaging vape pens and vape cartridges for your needs.

1) What is a customized cartridge case?

Custom quality vape pens and vape cartridge packaging is any type of packaging specially designed for vape pen cases. This may include boxes, tubes, bags, jars, and containers. Custom vape products are the best choice if you need packaging designed specifically for vape pods.

As a general rule, our electronic cigarette cases have custom sizes, shapes, and layouts. Their shape can be rectangular, triangular, hexagonal, or tubular. We have drawer boxes, flip-top boxes, slide boxes, and flip-top boxes. We also have child-proof boxes.

2) Standard-quality vape cartridge packaging

The following is the standard-quality vape cartridge packaging.

#1. Slide box

Sliding boxes are two-piece boxes that slide out from the side of the lid. When customers pull out the box, they can see the product inside. Swiping back and forth is the experience we want to convey to our customers. The slide-out box is naturally associated with your premium steam brand.

#2. Flip box

Everyone knows the Marlboro brand of cigarettes and we were inspired by this box. The shape of the cigarette case is reminiscent of those good old days. Marlboro is the past, vaporizing pens are the future.

#3. Tucker and end boxes

As the most common form of packaging, filled end boxes have proven to be an ideal packaging choice for lightweight items. We manufacture straight-end (STE) cassettes and reverse-end (RTE) cassettes. Both our STE and RTE boxes can have a display window, so shoppers can look through the window to see the inner content.

3) Child-resistant custom vape cartridges

With the popularity and legalization of marijuana products, many states in the United States have begun to allow adults to use them, but to avoid children’s access, many marijuana merchants have also launched new child-resistant pods. Child-safe cartridges are great for vape cartridges and vape tanks.

Typically, to create our child-resistant vape boxes, we add a locking mechanism to the standard box. No matter what shape or configuration they take, child-safe cartridges are designed to protect our children from accidentally ingesting marijuana.

#1. CR (Child-Resistant) cylinder box

This CR cardboard tube has a locking button on top. The top cover is lined with foam. Your product stands on the foam hole, cut a hole according to its diameter.

#2. CR (Child Resistant) sliding box

The CR case has a locking button on the side of the tray. A hole in the housing holds the locking button. Press the button to release the tray and slide it out the packaging.

#3. CR (Child-Resistant) pre-roll packaging

To remove the tray from the case we should simultaneously press the buttons on the side and pull the tray out with the other hand. It is generally difficult for children under 5 to operate a computer. We can customize paper inserts to accommodate multiple pre-rolled cannabis joints.

#4. CR (Child-Resistant) drawer packaging


  • CBD/ THC Electronic Cigarette Pods
  • DAB Cartridge Packaging
  • Oil box packaging
  • Smoke oil
  • Flue-cured oil
  • Wax packaging

Oil box drawer box made of cardboard. The inside and outside of the box are separated.

The box is made of cardboard with a black bottom, which is very hard and can protect the e-liquid from external pressure. A layer of transparent plastic film is pasted on the window with the same size as the oil bottle, and a display window the same size as the e-liquid bottle is built into the casing so that consumers can see the e-liquid products inside.

When you open the gift, the electronic liquid is displayed in a drawer design, which is a pleasant surprise. In addition, the oil bottle is also designed with a groove that matches the shape of the bottle body, making it more compact and suitable for the e-liquid. In addition to being fixed in the package to prevent damage during transportation, the semicircular design on both sides of the bottle body facilitates consumers to take out the e-liquid from the groove, reflecting the humanized design.

To sum up, the packaging design not only meets the special safety requirements of the e-liquid bottle but also highlights the characteristics of the e-liquid with the ingenious appearance design. Packaging effect specially designed for e-liquid bottles.

#5. CR (Child-Resistant) Sleeve case

By replacing the outer box with a rigid cardboard sleeve, the inner box can slide from both ends.

Packaging Vape Pens and Vape Cartridges

4) Special-shaped boxes

Here are some special-shaped boxes.

#1. Triangle box

Coated paper and recycled cardboard are mainly used to make this triangular carton. As part of the child safety locking mechanism is a small foam insert. Also, we are working on a 100% paper packaging solution with a CR-like mechanism.

#2. Hexagonal cardboard cylinder

The cover includes a double wall base, premium foam with custom cutouts (designed to fit your car’s size), and a child safety button. This hex tube can be fully customized to fit a variety of products including strollers, disposables, and batteries.

All surfaces of the box are printable, so you can print any type of artwork on it. It also contains information about the product, warning text, generic symbols for cannabis, barcodes, etc.

#3. Rectangular frame

Rectangular cardboard box with foam cutouts, suitable for vape carts of various sizes and capacities, with child safety button lock. Designed to enhance your brand. Custom printing and finishing are available.

#4. Customized magnetic box with slanted cover

Magnetic boxes, also called magnetic lid boxes, usually have book-like creases on one side. Our Slanted Closure Boxes have been modified to meet new trends in the cannabis packaging market. This concentrated secondary box is simple. And it’s also equipped with a hidden magnetic clasp that makes a pleasant click every time it closes.


  • container of wax/sap/dab
  • smash/Crash Cans
  • cellular/e-liquid
  • pat car wrap

5) Why are these packages important?

Modern marketing always requires the use of creative strategies to influence consumers’ purchasing choices to maintain business sales. More and more companies are offering goods at competitive prices, making the market more competitive.

For marketers, there is nothing more helpful than using vape cigarette packs to expand product reach and increase sales. Corrugated cardboard and kraft paper are the materials used to construct these boxes, they are highly protective and can be customized to suit specific needs.

Packaging Vape Pens and Vape Cartridges

6) Vape cartridge considerations

Please read these considerations for Vape cartridges.

#1. Safety of electronic cigarette pods

To protect your vape cartridges from damage during shipping, they must be packed properly. Packaging should take into account the safety of the product, and the safety of the customer is paramount.

By choosing the right packaging type, you can reach the right audience for your business. Additionally, you can ensure your vapes are delivered in top condition by protecting your product.

#2. Paper type

When designing custom packaging for vape products, it is important to consider the type of paper used for the box.

#3. The correct shape of the vape cartridge

Even though rectangular boxes are the most common style of custom vape pod packaging, you can still get creative with different shapes and designs. It’s important to keep your cartridges safe and fresh, as well as preserve their flavor.

This is an essential feature for retailers who want consumers to see their wares. Not to mention, unique and attractive packaging can be a great branding tool.

#4. Correct design

You should be unique and attractive. By choosing the right color scheme, graphics, and fonts, you can make your product look more attractive to customers. For an even more memorable experience, consider a custom design.

If packaging related to the theme of your business is not available, you should consider designing one. With such packaging, you will gain credibility and stand out from the competitors.

#5. Brand awareness

In addition to the color scheme, it is also important to choose a box that showcases your brand logo. As a result, your brand will be more visible and your products will be more personal.

7) Advantages of customized pod packaging

These are advantages of customized pod packaging.

#1. Brand booth promotion

Due to the intense competition in the industry, business marketers are increasingly trying novel ways to increase sales and earn their company’s reputation.

For such marketers, e-cigarette cartridge packaging can be a useful tool, as the cardboard construction of these boxes allows them to be cut into any shape and size. In addition to using the unique shape of the box to attract customers, digital and offset printing can also be used.

#2. Product protection

Due to the fierce competition in the industry, more and more companies are trying new ways to increase sales and build their reputations.

Pod packs can be customized into any shape and size since they are made of cardboard. These boxes can be used to attract customers, and both digital printing and offset printing can be used for this purpose.

#3. Additional functions

An attractive design should highlight the functionality of the product. Additional features or accessories, such as seals, can also be added. If you want to make it more memorable, consider adding UV coating and gold foil to your packaging.

This will make your product more attractive to customers and give it a unique feel. When it comes to custom packaging, you’ll be amazed at how customizable it is.

Packaging Vape Pens and Vape Cartridges

8) 3 different sizes of electronic cigarette packaging

There are 3 different sizes of electronic cigarette packaging for you.

#1. 1ml Vape cart pack

The packaging of the 1ml pods allows them to be safely stored, transported, and displayed. Almost all vape pods in the industry are compatible with our 1ml pods. Additionally, we offer vape cart packs for all of today’s popular pod sizes.

#2. 5ml Vape pen packaging

Your business can benefit from packaging with 5ml e-cigarette cartridges. 5ml cartridge packaging is perfect for 5ml vaping pens and cartridges.

#3. 1 gram Vape cart pack

Have you ever looked for 1-gram vape pod packs? You have come to the right place, we provide beautiful and modern 1-gram electronic cigarette cart boxes according to your requirements. We provide ideas and solutions with friendly service.

9) Select the right material for a custom electronic cigarette case

Attractive packaging plays an important role in your product and is essential for e-cigarette companies and e-cigarette manufacturers. Vape Cart packaging can be made from a variety of materials, but the material you choose can have a big impact on your product. The type of material you decide to use depends on your brand, your target market, and the size and weight of your product. Below are the materials you can choose for your e-cigarette packaging company.

10) Four common paper-based materials in the electronic cigarette industry

There are four common paper-based materials in the electronic cigarette industry, and you can use them as a reference.

#1. Cardboard

A popular way of packaging products is by using cardboard boxes. These boxes give your products a professional and accessible look, making it easy for customers to find your products on store shelves. Plus, it’s cost-effective, durable, and recyclable.

#2. Kraft paper

Consider recyclability. Easily recyclable, kraft paper is a great option for environmentally conscious manufacturers like you who are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable industry.

#3. Corrugated material

Corrugated material acts as a protective barrier for shipping products. While reducing the possibility of tampering.

#4. Coated paper

According to the authoritative explanation in Wikipedia, coated paper, also known as enamel paper, glossy paper, and slip paper, is a mixture of materials or polymers coated on the paper to give the product attractive features, including reduced weight, surface gloss, smoothness, or ink absorption. With this material, high-quality printing is possible for the packaging industry and magazines.

Vape Pens and Vape Cartridges Packaging

4. Frequently asked questions

The following are frequently asked questions.

1) Is your custom electronic cigarette case environmentally friendly?

Yes. We usually use environmentally friendly, renewable, compostable all-paper materials.

2) Are custom boxes safe for children?

Yes. There is a lock on the box, which is too difficult for children under 5 years old to open.

5. Conclusion

E-cigarette products are famous for two reasons – quality and taste, and luxurious packaging. We have been making custom boxes for a long time and have the expertise to understand our customers’ needs. Our years of custom box-making and printing experience have made us a leader in custom box-making and printed packaging.

By utilizing this experience and expertise, each customer can achieve their desired range of quality in their packaging. We are sure that you will get custom vape pens and vape cartridge packaging from us for a great experience.

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